Mexico And The US Coming To New NAFTA Deal

I, for one, celebrate this new deal and whatever I feel like it probably might be.

Means nothing unless Canada is on board. Which they are not, they’ve basically walked away from negotiations.

So, this is not a new NAFTA deal, this is a deal solely between the US and Mexico. And once this deal is agreed to and signed, then Canada can get involved with getting involved with talks on a deal to update NAFTA.



Keep your hopes up. Maybe our economy will indeed collapse, and you can be happy again.

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It’s on twitter, so it must be true.

Sure, make something up that nobody said.

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Do you know who Jamie Dupree is? If he says it, then you can take it to the bank. He used to be my favorite contributor to Hannity’s radio program. He is as honest as the day is long.

So, just to be clear, you’re saying that he did not say that? Would you like to commit to that statement?

This will be fun.

I wonder if Mexico knew ahead of time this was his intention, when they agreed to the apparent terms for NAFTA?

I know the critics of Trump cannot tolerate even a moment of respite in their never ending drumbeat of hate for Trump.

So I know the haters will dig deep to find some opinion pieces or tweets complaining or predicting doom and gloom about this trade deal before we even know the details.

This way the haters can maintain their rage and hatred for trump at a constant, manic level. If they fail to to find sufficiently gloomy news, they can always deflect to the billy Bush tape, and recharge their batteries, so to speak.

You didn’t answer my question.

Kinda funny that your blind whoreship of trump makes it so you praise everything he does no matter how much he screws it up while complaining that anyone that doesnt vlinfly love him like you do must be a hater…

None of the details of the agreement have been given and you are already claiming victory…


You were literally praising it without knowing the details.

And now that the press conference is over we still don’t know the details. Two guesses on why that is.

Give it a rest. In this very thread, you’re referring to people mentioning his track record on deal making as “never ending drumbeat of hate.” There are valid criticism that you’re trying to dismiss and brush under the rug in sycophantic fashion.

The person quoted in the tweet is very reliable, and non-partisan, congressional/capitol hill reporter. He’s nearly always on point. He’s not some random no one commenting out of Trump hate.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. It’s appallingly partisan to whine about rage and hatred after getting bent over and spanked so hard in this thread. No one in this thread is raging or spreading hatred. They’re stating facts about Trump’s credibility and ability to get a deal done. No one here is whining about the Billy Bush tape but you.


I also wonder about this:

The whole thread is several more tweets.

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Ah…so this is the play

Yes…Trump doesn’t like trading blocs.

Let’s make 190+ separate trade agreements with every nation on Earth.

THAT’S the ticket.

No. Why would I waste my time to comment on a tweet?