Meta reinstates Trump's FB, IG

Trump is fully back on social media now; I guess election 2024 is winding up.


The deadly January 6 riot. At which the only person….


Not even a permaban for telling people to remain peaceful and respectful in their protest?

The nerve. :wink:


He won’t use that garbage he has Truth social. Meta must be desperate with everyone going to Twitter and Truth Social for that thing called free speech.:rofl:


Go on over to Truth Social and talk some trash about trump. See how long that free speech lasts.


I was sort of wondering that.

I see Twitter being in direct competition with TS as far as platform format and audience but not as much FB and certainly not Instagram.

e.g. before TS was birthed, DJT posted on all three - Twitter, FB and IG .

Their stock surged at the mere mention of Trump’ account being unbanned. The freaks have become (D)ependent on him. :rofl:


Facebook and YouTube might be the only ones left with the FBI running the show.

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On February 2 the stock was trading at $16.86
Today it opened at $15.85 and closed at $15.12
So when was the surge?

Keep playing your own game of fetch and you’ll get there eventually. Or, just feel pretty about hating Trump that badly and call it a day. I know which one’s gonna get chosen. :wink:


Thanks for not answering my question.

No problem. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to the conversation you weren’t even a part of in the first place while you learn to find your own answers instead of your own bias. :stuck_out_tongue:



Great. Just what we need. More Americans back on twitter. Caring about twitter things.

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Good news!

I doubt he’ll go back on twitter but it would be great to see more of him on Facebook. Has he said if he’ll start posting?

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Not sure. Just followed him on IG for first time actually - hashtag hopeful :wink: :crossed_fingers:


Forbes sure getting testy…ha ha!

Donald Trump had his Facebook and Instagram accounts restored on Thursday, despite the fact that the former president orchestrated an attempted coup against the government of the United States on January 6, 2021. Trump has not yet posted new material to either account.

Oh brother :man_facepalming:

I thought Forbes was a right-leaning outlet ?

Back in the day…they are more a Rockefeller Chamber of Commerce Republican outfit and didnt take kindly to the Burn it Down takeover of the GOP.

An example: