Meta reinstates Trump's FB, IG

Hasn’t he made certain promises to the investors in that other thing he started?

Liars calling others liars.


The high-borns want their party back, and I can’t blame them.

And Rumble.


It’s like no one ever heard from Trump again once he was taken off of Twitter and Facebook. (Sarc).

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Maybe better for his electoral chances to limit his social media footprint ?


Arguably it’s the opposite

Agreed- if Trump wants to take down DeSantis, he will need all the bullhorns he can find. TruthSocial won’t cut it.

If you believe that his social media style endears him to independent voters, sure.

Nah it keeps reiterating what he is.

Then maybe better to limit it.

Trust is using Meta to pimp his trading cards, lol