Mental Health Services in the US

What should we do and how should we pay for it?

Another 2.4 $trillion dollar spending bill might about cover it. You know. For mental health infrastructure.


We need sustainability here.

We just got through massively increasing mental health spending. See Obamacare insurance mandates.

I’m talking about fixing it. I have a lot of problems with “more of the same” here.

Focus less on captivity in prison and more on rehabilitation.

Focus less on criminalizing drug use and more on mental health.

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I don’t disagree, although “rehabilitation” is iffy at best.

I don’t like the current “science” of mental health in the US. I believe it is being done completely wrong.

So before we have a program, we need to fix that.

What’s wrong with the science? My wife is a LMFT

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More of the same, that same is actually pretty good. Mental health has come a long way. The only real problem with it is it requires the patient to go along with it and stay on their meds. I think we will be able to cure most addictions fairly soon as well.

I can’t find the thread, but last year there was a video of a florida man commiting suicide on social media.

He was a single, unemployed male with no dependent children. A person like that only has access to few days in the crazy ward of the ER. There was practically no other help that man could have sought out before he shot himself on video.

I think first step to fixing mental health is to recognize that single men need just as much access to subsidized healthcare that everyone else has.

Charity. Just like the physical health. Don’t steal my money to pay for nutjobs.

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The stigma of mental health still exists. I think culturally we need to continue to combat that narrative.

Mental health is seen as “fringe” science by a lot of people… especially older generations and specific racial communities. Mental health is still such a young science but we have come a long way

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Goes double for medical de-nut-ing jobs.

Yep. Screw 'em if they can’t afford their own care. It’s not my problem.

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  1. National Crisis hot-line (one for Adults, one for Youth)

  2. Funding for more bed in hospital

  3. Funding for more crisis centres in local communities.

  4. subsidies medication for low income families.

  5. subsidies for long term mental health professional (therapists, etc)

Males have the highest rate of suicide currently.

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The main issue is there just isn’t enough mental health clinics, we need more bodies.
we are moving in the right direction just slowly.

Yep. Support charity, not take-n-give-ity.

Also, best line in a recent cartoon. Stewie Griffin looks into a box of Wheaties with Jenner on it and asks “Didn’t there used to be nuts in this?”

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Decades ago we use to have mental intuitions…but they basically became torture chambers and sick experiments.

Not sure there is a solution here.

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Mental health is forces on at home, community based care for the last 20 years.