Men begining to dominate women's sports


The whole changing from a man to woman doesn’t make sense to me, but this is what happens.


Australian rules football. He also played that.


so much domination by Australia in handball…they are the 1927 Yankees with their murderers row.

they just finished the Asian Championship.

and Australia won easy with such a dominate player…

oh no what you say they did not win. Surely they finished a game 2nd…no

okay where did they finish in the asian championship.

wait for it

wait for it

wait for it.


Allan (always helpful with the facts)





For example?


I’m not interested in her social life. His biology is what’s relevant here.
He. …


nope she.



LOL she.

educate yourself.

everyone knows there is a difference.

why not you?



I know dont confuse you with facts.

you have your opinion and you are sticking to it.

Facts be damned.



If this were to happen in sports like tennis and golf here in the US I can garuntee that the “biologically born” (not sure the most correct term here) woman will raise hell because that will end up costing them money.




XY = man. Open a real biology science book.


Good god man… there are on line lessons on how to use a computer.

Sheesh… maybe this will get you started


There must be a way to determine fairly competitive sports programs. We shouldn’t have men transforming into women and beating them with superior strength and agility. I was/am always hands off on the restrooms issue (unless you can tell) because if you look the specific part then that’s none of anyone’s business but your own.

Competitive sports are physical and the sexes are different on average. To ignore that reality is irresponsible.


I would start with the most obvious. You know, the one that worked great for 2 million years. If you have the man part, you are not a chick.


We’re not here to make your points for you. If you have something in mind you should provide it as evidence.

As to your example, I’m really broken up that you won’t be able to discriminate against Transgendered people anymore.


Oh boy. This debate. I don’t think John Cena should be able to put on a wig and compete with women. If he had sex reassignment surgery during childhood that would be different.
That said, I think some people are overly obsessed with trans people.


He. then

she. now.

remember Bruce Jenner



You asked for a specific example.

I provided one. Now you run



Oh. You just planted an image in my head. Sooner or later we will probably get to see some dude on a tennis court wearing one of those cute little white tennis skirts. That is just how bat ■■■■ crazy liberals are getting.