Men begining to dominate women's sports


This is a handball ball


“Australia handball league” -Breitbart :rofl:
It’s Rugby, you numbnuts.


Luckily for her, she didn’t get booted off the team and replaced with a man.


LOL @ you because you don’t understand what I’m laughing at. :rofl:


[email protected] you because you think I care.:joy:


Their country, their problem. I could give two ■■■■■■


Not exactly. It’s a worldwide trend. He was permitted to compete in international competitions.


That sumo-wrestler-looking player also played Australian rules football. The story is about him/her.


Yeah, I don’t give a crap about Australia either. Too many jellyfish as it is.


The governing bodies of these sports leagues need to define for themselves what constitutes man and woman.


Which laws specifically?


And the hands-on favorite to win Miss Universe is transgender.

Which means the person was medically transformed, and shaped via cosmetic surgery to take on female characteristics.

Not that I’m a fan of beauty pageants of any sort, but we may as well just make them competitions among cosmetic surgery practices to see who can form the most sex-appealing human being.

I’m not sure how people who are both metoo and pro gender-bending can reconcile this.


For over two million years, we knew the difference. It seems that we got confused over the past 10 years. We already know what constitutes. We just choose to deny it.


sex and gender are not exclusive.



Jeez dude, Who cares? Either you are in favor of this crap or you are not. Don’t over think it.


The ones that allow men to be treated as women .


Looks like the same person in both the rugby pic at the top, and the women’s handball pics within the article.


I admit I developed a taste for Marmite, Vegemite’s UK cousin. Quite tasty on buttered toast, but you have to make sure and use only a tiny amount or it overwhelms.


Handball pics also in the article.



Sports bodies need to decide what levels of hormones constitutes man/woman. And then apply that ruling on who can participate. The sight test no longer applies and wasn’t helpful to begin with.