Meet Yoel Roth - Twitter's "Head of Site Integrity"

What a great pick Twitter. Couldn’t have found a person with more integrity.

" Roth — who began working for Twitter as an intern in 2014 — tweeted in September 2016 that “I’ve never donated to a presidential campaign before, but I just gave $100 to Hillary for America. We can’t f*** around anymore.”

On Election Day 2016, he tweeted, “I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.”

Two days after Trump’s inauguration, Roth tweeted that there are “actual Nazis in the White House” and in another tweet compared Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to “Joseph Goebbels.”

Later in 2017, he called Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a “personality-free bag of farts.”

Nice neckbeard.

The Deep State roots are deep.

You are extremely confused about what a neckbeard is.


So what?

Private company.

No one is forced to use the product.

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Not at all.

When the personal integrity of a fact checker is challenged, that’s a big hint that the facts that they report are likely correct. “If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.”



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Attack the messenger to innoculate the sheep from the facts.

Bah bah drip drip. What a strange std


The fact is he called Trump a Nazi.

Yes he did. But not in relation to the claim that a newscaster murdered someone.

Bringing up the Nazi tweet could be taken as an admission that Trump is wrong about the newscaster’s involvement with murder. Or at least an attempt to divert attention from an uncomfortable (to some) conversation about the accuracy of Trump’s tweets.

Twitter has already said that no one person is responsible for editing tweets or enforcing changes on misleading statements. It is done on corporate policy.

Singling this guy out is just inviting crazed followers of Trump to target him, which is tantamount to intimidation. Bad mojo.

Is it a fact that Trump is a Nazi?

Buck stops…

with everybody.

Twitter should stay quiet on their new feature, and the staff behind it.

Just put that little link under Trump’s lying as often as possible. He can’t do anything but get mad about it.

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Twitter Stasi.

Why not?