Meet Matthew Martin

I wonder what type of education his parents gave him…

If it turns out he was really behind the posts and the death of that man then I would say his parents would likely be considered as some “really fine people” by our president.

1st post after the OP. Outstanding.

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Probably similar to the education the parents of these fine young facebookers gave:



Why wait?

Donny sure wouldn’t hesitate.

But they did it too!

Is this all you people do?

Yes. The 4 scum that did that in Chicago were arrested, charged with hate crimes, and additional crimes. Two eventually plead guilty to hate crimes, one was sentenced to prison, one to probation, and the last I heard the other two were awaiting trial.

Has the OP perp even been arrested?


Doubtful, however our last president thought BLM to be very fine people.:roll_eyes:

Is BLM a black nationalist group? Do they promote separation from other ethnic groups? Hatred and violence against other races?

You really think them to not be a racist organization? :rofl:

The hatred and violence has been there for all to see.

Not the criminal elements who tried to use BLM for cover.

With BLM what you see is what you get. Violence during riots, at rallies, and marching down the street chanting “What do we want? Dead cops. when do we want them? Now!”

Classy people and Obama entertained them in the WH.

A lot of “classy” people have been entertained in the White House.


Hard to top entertaining BLM.

Not really.

Not when one considers that 8 of the first 11 American Presidents who lived in the White House and were entertained there were also SLAVE OWNERS.

Really had to go back for that deflection eh? When was the last time a prez entertained the KKK in the WH?

Better comparison.

Oh, so you want to move the goal posts?

By the way I do believe the last time the KKK was “entertained” in the White House may have been in 1987 when Ronnie and Nancy were having a State Dinner for the Communist leader Gorbachev and they invited Exalted Cyclops aka Sen. Robert C. Byrd and his wife Erma Ora Byrd to come in and hob knob with the swells.