Medicare-For-All is now polling at 70% for all Americans, 52% for Republicans

A vast majority — 70 percent — of Americans in a new poll supports “Medicare for all,” also known as a single-payer health-care system.

The Reuters–Ipsos survey found 85 percent of Democrats said they support the policy along with 52 percent of Republicans.

That’s right folks, Medicare-For-All aka Single-Payer is now popular with 70% of all Americans, including 52% of Republicans.

It looks like the majority of Americans, including the GOP, want us to go toward a system where there’s no more health-care insurance, and we all pay a higher tax rate in exchange for our medical services.

I am not going to label it “free health-care” because it’s not. You pay your medical treatment and tests through your taxes rather than your monthly/weekly insurance. For example, I have BlueCross BlueShield here in NY and my company puts money into an FSA. If we had Medicare-For-All, then my health-care costs would essentially be paid through my taxes. Perhaps my paycheck would have a line saying “universal medicare tax” for a flat rate.

So the question that begs is, would you rather see you pay your medical costs to the government or to an insurance company? It looks like the majority of us will argue pay your medical costs through the government.

Personally, I would rather stick with the ACA. Everybody should be required to have health-care insurance, If you’re below a certain income level, then the government gives you a discount or everything is incurred with your normal taxes. My logic: I prefer market-based solutions to economic problems and discourage people from going to the doctors too much. I don’t want to see Death Panels or having to wait over 6 months just to get a basic medical treatment.

My question to you guys is:

Do you think we will see Medicare-For-All within the next six-to-eight years? It’s widely popular and if the Democrats take over the legislative branch and the Presidency, I suspect we will be voting on Medicare-For-All.

Would you rather pay your medical bills as setup today or would you rather the government charge you a weekly/monthly fee for health-care, and everybody in your income bracket would get charged the same amount?

Note: I do not support Medicare-For-All, but I am willing to hear people out. I know there are studies out there showing it would save us money in the long run and our monthly medical charges would be less. And I don’t want to hear arguments on the right arguing “I do not want to pay other people’s health-care”. That’s fine and dandy, except that means you oppose health-care insurance and our medicad and medicare system. And on the left, I don’t want to hear the argument that Medcare-For-All means “free health-care”.

Good…its worth a try…there is no need why we cant make it the best system in the world

Excellent news!

No, we should be relying on gofundme for healthcare subsidies. Also Kylie only needs $100 million to get to a billion. Let’s help her out.


Meaningless poll, couple it with an estimate of how much their taxes would have to go up and see what the answer is then.

An example of someone changing their mind once they find out what it costs.


Last month in North Carolina, Democratic State Representative Verla Insko moved to kill her own pro-single-payer bill. An assessment from the state legislature’s Fiscal Research Division pegged the cost of single-payer at $70 billion, $42 billion of which would have to come from the state. That latter figure is almost twice the state budget.

More examples at the link.

Americans are fiscally responsible people. They would willingly give the government a little more in taxes, if it meant the government would be able to lower the deficit, so that future generations wouldn’t be burdened by excessive debt.

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The link is ridiculous, as is the pathetic GOP attempt to pretend single payer is so costly. For starters, every other OECD country has figured it out, and I thought we were supposed to be innovative.

But more importantly, none of these hack job studies ever explain how much health care already costs now. For instance:

Health care costs in North Carolina are substantial, costing $72.1 billion, or 15.2% of state gross domestic product in 2014. The purpose of this issue is to explore the causes of increased health care costs from a variety of perspectives and highlight current policy attempts to slow costs.

As evidenced by our massive debt and unfunded liabilities I suppose.

The GOP is not in control of several states, any of which could implement single payer, but don’t.

We’ve elected too many Republicans. They’re definitely NOT the fiscally responsible party.

In my opinion, the perfect mix for a fiscally responsible government is a Republican House, Democratic Senate and Presidency.

Implementing single payer at the state level is grossly inefficient.

Massive copout

If by inefficient you mean unsustainable because states can’t print money to pay for it, sure.

Factor in the savings from reduced or eliminated health insurance costs and see what the answer is then.

It’s cute that you think it’s insurance companies making health care expensive. No idea how they manage that with their paltry single digit profit margins.


Profit margins in the field of health care. Classic.

It is amusing to see the left arguing to give corporate America a big fat sloppy kiss though. You do know it’s currently business who is footing the bill for most peoples health insurance right?

Insurance isn’t health care.

Health insurance at my company just went up 8% yoy. Thanks Trump.

Because it never went up under previous President right?