Median death age from virus is 78 years old -does that fact surprise you?

I listened to the Trump press conference yesterday and he reported this very fact.

Personally I never heard the median age was this high. Figured age was like 65 or in that range…

To me, the advanced mortality age of 78 is encouraging and it surprises me the press is not talking about this more.

Here is an report on the POTUS saying this:

Please provide your take on this as well.

I know if you are over 80 your chances of survival are still 80%


Any word on the percentage of seniors on public assistance who have died compared to the young and healthy who are not on public assistance?

So what is your own opinion, OPer?

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Yes, COVID affects America’s aging population. The same population that mostly voted for trump and are mostly Republicans.

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It affects them regardless of for whom they vote.

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I would imagine that age group also has increased health issues aside from COVID as well. I would think this would be a major cause of the increased mortality rate.

As we age, things become more difficult, probably including fighting off disease.

It’s always been that high since it started. Outside a few outliers it has always been a disease that targets primarily the elderly as well as those with pre existing conditions.

Unless a viable vaccine comes the places that will come out on top are the ones who developed herd immunities instead of staying inside. Everyone that gets the virus are one less that can spread the virus once they are quarantined. This is happening in Mumbai right now were 57% of the population has tested positive for antibodies.

“Mumbai’s slums may have reached herd immunity,” said Jayaprakash Muliyil, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of India’s National Institute of Epidemiology, and the retired head of one of its premier medical colleges. “If people in Mumbai want a safe place to avoid infection, they should probably go there.”

Do you know what the cost was in the over 78 demographic in Mumbai?

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The few people I know that died from the disease were in there late 60s, early 70s, so not entirely surprising. A large amount of people in there late 70s live with some form assistance or in a nursing home, making it difficult for them to avoid.

Sad to think about.

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The idea we can shield the elderly while the rest “get back to normal and get back to work” has been disproved in every country where the disease has struck.

We can’t put the elderly in a bubble. We’ve tried. It doesn’t work.

Mainly because someone has got to interact with them and care for them…which is how the virus is getting to where they are.

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My opinion: To me, the advanced mortality age of 78 is encouraging and it surprises me the press is not talking about this more.

What’s your take?