Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


Republican Mueller and his Republican bosses? No.


doj and cia are not partisan they serve the state.


Authorized leaks about an investigation are a strategy. Unauthorized leaks are a crime.


Like I said, Mueller wasn’t appointed for politics, he was appointed to investigate a threat to our country.


More Fox News gossip.


then why has he not found any collusion? except with the dnc.

BTW, do you know the history of brennan? in particular 2005-2009


Agree or disagree, I like your posts. You should post more.


Bootz, I’ve found Mueller to be relatively tight-lipped. How do we know what he has found, except through the trials and guilty pleas we’ve seen?

I can’t honestly say whether he has found collusion, and I read the papers every weekday.


we do know that more FBI and DOJ officials have been removed and fired than trump people have been tried.

I am no fan of Trump, primarily because of his immigration rhetoric. But it is just rhetoric. I actually have a paper I need to finish on all the reasons I hate Trump.

I have said many times release all the documents in the Kavanaugh vetting as well as DOJ.

I wonder why this hasn’t been done. Only then will we know the truth, or at least part of it. as far as I am concerned the U.S and Russia colluded in the cold war for years. the military Industrial complex is alive and well.


Awwww Hillary Obama Whaaaa!


What I’m saying is, Mueller is investigating a lot of things, including Russian collusion. He hasn’t released his report yet.

How do we know if he has or hasn’t found Russian collusion?

I ask because I’ve seen between 3 and a half-dozen forumers state outright that there is no collusion.

Which news source is giving them this information?


We do?

Show your work.


speculation, pure speculation on both sides but IG report is not good for DOJ and FBI

Brennan is a dirty player, what do you know about him?


exactly what we expect of you.


So they’re whistle blowers then?

(If they did leak anything)


What’s tiresome is lib denial of the facts.


Why is it that the leaks weren’t leaked? Why is it that “we” are just hearing about this? The corruption from the leaders of our intelligence agencies was rampant and the cover up to keep us from knowing about it proves that these corrupt bastards are still influencing what’s being disclosed.

Mr. President…please declassify the FISA applications? Let’s expose the corrupt leadership in these agencies that were in place during the Obama Administration.


He would have done that months ago if it had what they’re telling you it has. Which should tell you something.


I think Trump will do it more of as an October surprise to achieve political gain…which I disagree with.


Go ahead and disagree with it. But you enable it.