Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


…said the Russian collusion sheeple.


I dare you to find one post where I claim Trump colluded with Russia.

Put up or shut up.


You think Trump is going to use the power of the government that you’ve entrusted him with specifically to influence an election and protect his party.

That’s incredibly corrupt.

But you will still vote for it? That says a lot about you.


Oh…yeah…I know…since the Hannity Land website has been closed.


You wouldn’t find it there either.

I’ve specifically stated ad nauseun that I don’t think he did anything of the sort but it should be investigated in case I’m wrong.


Just because the “truth” you peddled for so long is being shown as a lib lie…you now want to wag your righteous finger at others? First…you have to have credibility and that’s gone.


We can talk about credibility when Flynn’s guilty plea is revoked or any of the other nonsense predictions you’ve made cont true.

In the meantime, you’re already wrong about me peddling collusion so why not be wrong about me “peddling” lies that have been shown to be false too.

A word of advice, stop taking two vague text messages as proof of nefarious actions. You’d think after falling flat on your face so many times doing so, you’d learn your lesson.


You don’t understand what whistleblowers are, do you?


Obama used the espionage act to stop whistle blowers more than all other presidents combined — CBS news…


The two texts juxtaposed certainly makes it appear the leak strategy was not a strategy to control leaks but to actually leak

Really can’t be about the rogue NYC office either because the dates of Strozk’s texts are too late for that

What we need to see, however, is whether the two texts SHOULD be juxtaposed. So we know for sure they were part of the same conversation?


Cratic (and many conservatives) didn’t have any problem with hacking the DNC since the information was all true.

Just pointing out the double standard.


Ok…let’s go with that. I’ve waited this long for all that I’ve stated to materialize so that even you can see it. The Russian collusion false narrative that Hillaryites bought into is the beginning of what’s now being exposed as a lib lie. It’s a deal…I can wait. Drip, drip, drip…


Nothing you’ve said has materialized.

You’re being led along.


Oh…Hillary is POTUS? Has Comey been fired? Drip, drip, drip…


I’m talking about your wild conspiracy theories. Not the outcome of an election with two possibilities.


Oh yeah…I forgot…no matter what I say or the outcome…in your lib eyes…it’s different.


You don’t see a difference between predicting Trump be elected (as leader of one of two major parties) and saying that the FBI set up Papadopolous with fake Russian agents to entrap him?

I think that’s a problem with conspiracy theorists. They confuse and justify their beliefs in illogical ways.


I think…I’ll take you up on your offer and wait. The dam is finally starting to bust. A grand jury is examining McCabe, Sessions has appointed Huber and Ohr has testified to Congress. Just don’t develop amnesia…drip, drip, drip…:sunglasses:


It is not a wild conspiracy that Papadopoulis was contacted by US controlled agents. We know that Stephan Halper was working for the FBI/CIA. The question is who was Joseph Mifsud working for.

That Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked emails is not substantiated and probably untrue. The evidence is that Russians did the email hacks. A lot of people want to say he was killed off but Wash DC is a very dangerous at night and it appears he was a random robbery victim. Conspiracy theories abound but I’ve looked at most of them and they don’t hold water for me.


The “dam” has been bursting for years according to you. When this McCabe business falls flat on his face (you realize he’s being investigated for leaking damaging information on Clinton, right?) then you’ll have another nonsense theory you’ll have moved onto.

That’s how you’re being led along. They give you just enough to be ensnared in the accusations but never pay off. Somehow you never notice that.