Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


In your opinion only. The dossier was a gathering of HUMINT regarding all manners of Russian aggression and subversion of our democracy. Sure, a part of it examines the questionable interactions of people in the Trump campaign and its orbit. But a large part of the series of memorandums is in regard to the larger attack by Russia. Ignoring all of that in order to justify a declaration that the dossier is uncorroborated is intellectually dishonest.


Fusion GPS paid Christopher Steele as an outside consultant.

What relevance does that have to anything?

Collaborate? Not sure what you mean here. But I suspect you lack an understanding of how HUMINT is gathered.

No. No it was not. It was not publicly released until 3 months after the election. On January 10th, 2017. Why do you not know this?

In my opinion, with Roger Stone and the GRU posing as Guccifer 2.0 along with Julian Assange. Again, just my opinion, but I believe Stone will be indicted, perhaps with others, for conspiring with Russian agents to engage in these attacks on the United States in order to assist Trump in getting elected, and to damage Clinton.


It was the basis for launching a federal investigation targeting the opposition party candidate and used to attempt to derail the candidacy and subsequent presidency.

Of course that’s our focus and should be.


There is no connection between Stone, GRU, and Gucci fer. Had there been he’d be facing espionage charges.


Nonsense. It was part of a larger amount of information that was used to obtain a FISA warrant on someone who had left the Trump campaign. You’re conveniently ignoring the mountains of other connections and questionable interactions between members of the Trump campaign and Russian contacts, which were the actual basis for launching the inquiry into whether or not any Americans assisted or conspired with Russia in its attack on us, in an effort to ensue Trump would win and Clinton would lose.

We already know Trump himself engaged in a criminal conspiracy with his personal attorney/fixer to illegally affect the outcome of the election in his favor. So it is hardly beyond speculation that others could have, in other ways, as well.

One last point, the dossier was not used during the election. So how could it have been used to “derail the candidacy?” It was not publicly revealed until 3 full months after the election had transpired.


Horse hockey it was the basis for lancing the investigation to begin with as the emails and texts show.


You have no clue whatsoever if this statement is accurate or not. Stone himself believes he will be indicted. Mueller has been bringing witness after witness before the Grand Jury who have connections to Stone. Time will tell, but I suspect I have a good chance of being proven correct here. And I did qualify it was my opinion here. But it is an opinion based on the available evidence.


No you didn’t.


Then back up the claim and provide the source.


No, it was not. And no, they do not. The narrative being promoted by right-wing entertainment, without context or evidence make this same claim. Papadopoulos and his loose-lips are the basis for launching the initial inquiry. And it has grown from there.


If you seriously have not been following current events, and do not know about Stone’s admissions of interaction with Assange and Guccifer 2.0, which he has since tried to retract, or you are unaware of the witnesses Mueller has been bringing before the Grand Jury whose only ties to any of this are their connection to Roger Stone, then what is the point? I have little interest in playing school teacher and getting you up to speed.


Comey is going down.

Carter Page will be rich.



Human nature is my evidence.


the only thing the loudmouth did that was unlawful was lie about what he’d stated for which he got a whole two weeks in jail.


The memos had been leaked to the media as early as 31 October 2016, but were made public in full on 10 January 2017 when they were published by Buzzfeed.

Why didn’t you know this?


I really don’t see anywhere in this article that was corroborated.

From what I can tell everything is hearsay and innuendos.


Are you saying no one leaked the dossier prior to election?


Amnesia…I told you you’d develop that too.


Which means the dossier was not used to impact the election. Glad we could agree.


Not to the public. Correct. Buzzfeed first made the dossier public on January 10th. Three months after the election.