Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


Your opinion of human nature is subjective and therefore it is not evidence. Only supposition. As I stated, I’m more logic-driven based on factual evidence. You know the old saying about opinions.


Not true. While not all of it has (especially the more raunchy stuff), the intelligence community has corroborated some of it. The fallacy that it’s all someone’s imagination keeps getting repeated by talk radio and Fox, but the intelligence community says otherwise.

“Some of what was in the dossier was actually corroborated — but separately — in our intelligence community assessment, from other sources that we were confident in,” Clapper said.

“The salacious parts, no. That’s never been corroborated,” he added. “It would appear to me that as time has gone on more and more of it has been corroborated, but I can’t actually give you a percentage.”


He is a convicted felon that will serve time in prison for his crime. That’s true. But he also is the reason that the investigation was launched.


Then how do you explain this?

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

Has the bureau investigated this material?

David CornOctober

31, 2016 11:52 PM


That’s almost two years old. What was your point in even bringing that up?


How do I explain what exactly? Harry Reid’s innuendo’s at the time? The fact the article asks a bunch of unanswered questions? None of this shows that the dossier was used prior to the election to influence the election. The dossier and its contents were not made public until after the election. It is pretty cut and dry here.


Human nature is science. Don’t be a science hater.


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So you were wrong.


Oh really…what was motherjones talking about here?

What was the date on that article?

You said

One last point, the dossier was not used during the election. So how could it have been used to “derail the candidacy?” It was not publicly revealed until 3 full months after the election had transpired.

You said it wasn’t public revealed prior to election…but I knew about it before Nov 8th.

Explain it please.



I thought it was TNT that brought it to my attention but he denies it.

So I’ve must have found it someplace else.

I also hear of peegate prior to election as well.


except for you know, all of the direct messages to each other.


Not true.

Putin DID sell a 19% stake in Rosneft and didn’t tell his board of directors any of the details.

That’s huge.

Many of the conversatiosn purported to take place where later verified as having taken place, with participants, dates, times and locations confirmed.


Assuming all humans act in the same fashion ignores the science. Don’t be a science ignorer. :wink:


No I was not wrong. The dossier was not made publicly available by anyone until after the election. Just as I stated.


The dossier and its contents were not released to the public until 01/10/17. After the election.


I think we went through this on the other board, because I thought this too. But it came out before the inauguration, not the election.


Oh really…what were they talking about then?


Oh I know…they were talking about the weather.

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Not the detailed contents of the dossier. A bunch of broad questions and speculations. Of which the DOJ promptly shot down to the NYT prior to the election, thus ensuring the dossier and the investigation would not be used to influence the election results. The history is already written here.