Meanwhile on another note Trump may be sending more troops

I figured that much. Why are people still falling for this con-artist’s stunts?

Just out of curiosity, how many troops does it take to defend our borders from invaders?

Invaders? What are they armed and equipped with, Plastic bottles and backpacks? But yes, lets bomb them… before they murder, rape us, and then infect us with their diseases. Get a grip.

They want to be had.

Yes, he has a lot more information available to him than you do. After all, he is the President of the United States of America.

Because we aren’t smart like you?

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Your histrionics aside, you don’t need to be armed to invade.


Right there. That’s the Fox News target audience. People that are willing to repeat something that isn’t true.

Invasion. Props to Republican media for doing what works.

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Not really. Just trying to protect you and others like you from the likes of yourself.

So lets bomb the invaders before they occupy our land?

Having information means jack squat if you have neither the ability to make good use of it or the desire to better yourself so that you one day might.

If we’re being invaded, we NEED to reintroduce the draft!

22 million

We are being INVADED and you think NOW is the time for jokes?

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Right there. That’s the liberal target audience. People willing to repeat talking points like lemmings without any further investigation or independent thinking.

Defending our borders is absolutely the right course of action. We do have borders, you do at least acknowledge that?

I posted a similar thread that Trump will let the caravans in, detain (not catch and release) them, and process them and deport majority of them with a small percent staying on legit claims.

Processing is what Asylum claim are they go before a judge.

I was thinking more along the lines of processing according to our laws. You are okay with following our current laws aren’t you?

Trump has no idea but Kirstjen Nielsen and Mattis do they are the ones running this show really.

I just heard it’s 1000 more troops than are in Afgahnistan right now…