Meanwhile on another note Trump may be sending more troops

to our border.

I suspect he’s planing on a tent city and process those with legitimate complaints and send back those that don’t.

Can anyone say Mariel boatlift…where they process something like 125 thousand Cubans?

But this time they isn’t Communist dictator like Fidel Castro. :wink:

A tent city and lots of troops to deal with the handful of people that will arrive at the border is a very expensive option.

Not surprised the President would choose an expensive way to deal with this situation.

15,000 troops against the few hundred that will arrive at the border…I hope that’s enough.

Third even larger caravan is setting up according to Mexican source.

Yes. Everybody already knows this. “Suspecting” is not required.

Your problem is you’re taking him literally, not seriously.

But I agree. Those troops would be better utilized fighting white domestic terrorists instead of harassing 7,000 x 3 or is it 4 now, peaceful groups of fun loving vacationers just looking for a better life and a place to give birth.


The could be deployed to polling places to stop old white males from voting.

Port O Potties need to get cleaned out somehow.

Thank goodness we have American troops to do the dirty work.

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I know! How about a one for one trade? We deport one old white male terrorist and let in 3 Salvadoran Maras - which actually means “fun loving good boy” in Spanish.

The con man just exploded our deficit by giving himself a massive tax cut. He doesn’t care about our tax dollars.

Why is he planing it? Is it uneven or something?

Since it just a handful of people, one 10 x 10 tent ought to work just fine. Except now it is a few hundred or a few thousand.

We could certainly let them camp out on the Mexican side of the border. Let Mexico provide tents, food, water and medical aid.

The troops are being paid the same regardless of where they are located. Not so expensive after all is it?.

Funny how not one single lib mention about processing centers…are they waiting on their talking points?

After all we’re going to hear how illegal it is…how inhuman it is.

But yet under democrat president (Carter) Democrat senate and democrat congress back in 1980 was all for it. 125 thousand people were hold.

What are you libs going to do about it? What line of BS are you going to pull? What courts are you going to beg to?

I’m sure their will be plenty of videos in how inhuman those people were treated.

He cares about my tax dollars, he gave me some of them back.

Processing centers? Oh you mean the cages…

Just for comparison sake, how many troops are in Afghanistan or in Iraq/Syria fighting ISIS?

Oh yes. Laying in own feces.

Trump has no idea what he is doing or talking about, so he will just keep amping up the numbers over the next few days in order to make himself feel more impressive. Just as our “Saudi arms deal” went from $100 billion and 100,000 jobs to $450 billion and over a million jobs, he knows the mouth breathers in his base don’t care about the actual facts.

So yeah, by Sunday night he’ll be talking about 50,000 troops and a few tank battalions at the border. Who cares what he says? The man is the biggest liar in the history of American politics.

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I’m waiting on how you’re gong to say it’s illegal, violation of human rights etc?

When President Carter and his band of merry men in congress and senate all supporter it back in 1980.

.0005 % of what he is sending to the border. Are Iraquis/Syrians/Afghanis marching on the border?

Obama did it too.

That is all in the past. It doesn’t matter now.

What really matters now is being able to find common ground in the “what is the IN social climate”. Pat each other on the back while sipping martinis, commiserating and then going home to their gated communities.

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