Meanwhile libs elites are coming into your home near you

While some elites are demanding that you wear a face diaper at home when there is more then one family…you have Sen Feinstein walking around senate corridors from one office to another without wearing a face diaper.

Can it really get anymore insane what we are now witnessing?

Authoritarians are now in control…next will be your bedroom.

Some people might appreciate a face diaper in the bedroom. They just don’t know it yet.


Which “elites” are “demanding” that you wear a “face diaper” at “home”?

Dear lord Peter :slight_smile:

So they are saying that someone you are not in close contact most of the times comes into the house you should wear a mask.

That seems like common sense to me.


If you’re really that scares or unsure of their health…why are you letting em in your house in first place?


Yup. Did that with notary public that came to house, movers, inspector, and others .

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You don’t have to sell me on Feinstein being as bad as a Trumper. Please, take her.

Home service.

Plumbers gotta cover all cracks now.


Should? Word I saw used was “order”.

Maybe you have some cool ninja swords and want to show them off. I don’t know.

If you haven’t noticed over the past w days, there is a whole lotta rules for thee, but not for me going on and they no longer give a ■■■■ if you see them flaunting those rules.

They know they have enough supporters who will have their back and explain why they are special and don’t need to follow their own edicts.


We could ALL start calling it a face diaper.

You should start a conversation with a North Korean and tell them how terrible it is living here in the authoritarian USA.

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We wear masks in other peoples homes and in our own if people outside our family are in the house.

You don’t?

Maybe you need an emergency plumbing fix? Or smoother service.

Maybe - as is usually the case with us because we don’t entertain inside right now - someone from the outdoor socially distant happy hour you are hosting needs the bathroom. We ask them to wear a mask, and put one on if we are in the house with them.

Why wouldn’t you do that?

So what? We get orders all the time. Building codes, noise ordinances, town regulations, booze regulations, smoking regs, drug regs…

This is not some outrageous affront to liberty.

should <> required

And the point of the thread was not about the requirement of the home face mask by itself, but comparing these requirements to the practice of some of our elite rulers to ignore these orders for themselves.

This is not a oner.

We have seen this with the ruler of Chicago going out and celebrating a Biden victory in crowds while thinking new orders for the peons.

We have seen orders for small thanksgivings while Pelosi is giving big spreads for new Dem Congresspeople.


In our home, nope. We have had contractors in off and on during this whole mess, and wow we have survived without issue. My wife and I have both been tested and no bug.

No…I don’t go into people homes. I don’t let people in my home either.