Meals in Public Schools - Centgov and the USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Friday proposed major changes to school lunches in an attempt to make the meals healthier, with particular emphasis on reducing sugar and salt.

I see both sides of this.

  1. We are talking about public schools. Centgov, having taken control, has a say?

  2. Centgov and its intrusive “agencies” is frequently a disaster looking for a school to happen in. Given the current state of public education, the utter failure it is, many would resent filurther intrusion.

What do we think?


They need to reduce the sugar and increase the fat. Less fake ADHD symptoms, more physical brain development.


As usual government science is lagging here. Replace the salt with potassium chloride instead of going low salt.



The government is always ten to twenty years behind.

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Sodium, Calcium - retention, contraction, etc…

Potassium, Magnesium - excretion, relaxation, etc…

It’s better to balance them than to neglect any of them.


Should have said reduce sodium chloride and make up for it with potassium chloride. Otherwise it isn’t going to taste very good and the kids will pack lunch, most likely with high sodium deli meat.


I don’t disagree. Should it be mandated by Centgov?

I wouldn’t do anything based on Hahvad.

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No, I see no reason to believe their nutrition experts are any better than state experts.


Hell no. If it were up to the local school officials, the kids would already be eating better. They’re able to go the extra mile on a few things as it is (the lunch ladies there are severely awesome), but it’s not enough, and they don’t need any further arbitration by people who don’t even cook their own food.


As I have 2 kids still in high school, and have seen the pre-packaged, rather than freshly made, meals they now serve in school. Big gov can just get out of it.


The current slop is barely acceptable as it is, so if the schools here start serving prepackaged meals, mine will be bringing their lunch to school. Even the mere sound of “prepackaged school meals” is gross. lol


They have been serving prepackaged crap since my last three were in elementary. We sent them to school with brown bag lunches.


It used to take time to capitalize on popular science in order to advance tyranny. Now they just blame white supremacy, racism or transphobia.

Well, as the federal hs no enumerated power to mandate it…

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You know the deal, take their lunch advice or lose federal money.


No enumerated power to provide the money.

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Do you want to discuss what is constitutional or what is?

The Arbitrary government in DC does not deserve the respect of being termed an “is”.

Well currently the fact is local schools receive federal funds.