Meadows flips in J6 case! This is big

ABC News reported Meadows, who served as the final chief of staff for former President Donald Trump, informed Smith’s team he repeatedly told Trump following the election the allegations of significant voting fraud were baseless.

Could his flip in Georgia be next?

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Meadows who?


“here’s why this is bad for the Biden administration…”


Meadows is another guy who was doing just fine before he associated himself with Trump. The next thing you know, he’s burning papers in the WH fireplace, threatening Raffensberger, election denying.

And now, flipping on Trump and telling all to Jack Smith.


This is huge.

Should be interesting. Im actually wondering if the Georgia case made him realize he could get true jail time as he watched people start to take plea deals that could lead to implicating him. I have a strong feel he is gonna take a plea deal down South as well. Dude looks like he really really doesnt want to do jail time. Got that coward face.

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One of my favorite Mark Meadows tidbits:

A former aide in Donald Trump’s White House says chief of staff Mark Meadows burned papers so often after the 2020 election that it left his office smoky and even prompted his wife to complain that his suits smelled “like a bonfire.”

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You’ll got him this time.


I don’t know if this will lead to Trump getting convicted, but I for one will very much want to hear what Meadows has to say. He knows where all the bodies are buried.

Trump doesn’t know this Meadows character. He’s obviously a plant by democrats who made coffee and did filing….



Where have I heard this before…oh yeah Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen etc that comes to mind.

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Has there been a criminal case before?

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Keep clinging.

I know right?

Did they get this worked up during the Russia scheme/hoax?

Oh yeah…that and impeachments and everything in between.

That was when people thought the GOP might hold him accountable. They won’t (See House GOP).

Now these are criminal cases.

I’ll take that as a yes.

Not experiencing any Deja vu at all?

A President’s chief of staff gets immunity to testify… I am sure everything will be fine.



We are watching the unfolding disaster and consequences of lies upon lies that have come mainly from Trump. The Dominion lawsuit cost Fox nearly 800 million, led to Tucker getting ousted (for lying and endangering the company). Trump and his accomplices have been indicted. Many of them are accepting guilty plea deals acknowledging their endless lying. The GOP House cant even elect a Speaker because he has to be loyal and lie as much as Trump about the election being stolen.

Y’all have hitched your star to the temporary dopamine fix that is Trump and MAGA, but are reaping the results of trying to build a new empire on lies. Its falling apart.