McConnell Tells Caucus They Lack the Votes to Block Impeachment Witnesses

Actually this is a good development.

I still oppose removal of Trump at this point, but clearly witnesses are needed and will be allowed to testify.

(Note: As before, my opposition to impeachment is that while he is clearly guilty of the offense charged in Article I, that offense rises to peccadilloes in my mind, not high crimes and misdemeanors.)


I don’t want him removed, I want him exposed. This is good news.


Leave it to â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  idiots to shoot themselves in the foot.

If they vote for witness then they want to stop Trump judicial picks. That’s what it amounts to.

Apparently they like activist judges. That’s my two cents and I’m sticking too it.

Maybe they just think the American people deserve to hear the truth about what their employees are up to?


Well more accurately they’re not going to sacrifice the best job in American politics for Donald Trump, full stop.

Multiple sources says McConnell doesn’t have the votes.

But the Hill is saying opposite.

I largely agree with you except I don’t thing the word “guilty” applies. Assuming he did everything alleged, its more like a bad policy that should be condemned politically than anything that brings our an impeachment process.

So libs can twist it…stretch this ■■■■ out and compromise the senate?

Yeah…libs would love that. Stupid asses are playing right into their hands.

I’m disappointed in this for one reason; Schiff led the decision to impeach on “overwhelming evidence”. Then present that evidence that was so convincing to you, to take the once a century move of impeaching the POSTUS!!!

I’d like to know what should now happen to those in the House that led this charge, should it fail to the extent negative ramifications are warranted?

Well said.

That says that two senators said that and every other of the dozen or so senators interviewed said that it was still undecided.

I kind of think the dems jumped the gun on impeaching him over this - impeachment over the revelations in the Mueller report would have had much more teeth, in my opinion.

That being said, we all know Trump’s not going to be removed by the Senate. I would, however, like to see the witnesses testify so that all is exposed. Voters need all this information as we are going to the polls in November. It is much better for all concerned if voters give Trump his eviction notice.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: good one!

An impeachment is NOT the way to achieve your goal. The price paid for the reward does not warrant it, if…you’re sane? If…you’re going to impeach…it should be for a reason you “want him removed”.

“Enough talk bring it on”

“The panic, the fear, even the desperation is setting in”


He already is exposed. He did nothing wrong. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Shifty, the Bidens and the whistleblower exposed.

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Well, the impeachment portion is over and done with - so not much can be done at this.

At this point, the only question is whether the Senate will vote to remove - and I’d be shocked if they did.

I didn’t think repugs would be this stupid if they did.

they should be doing hearing on FBI, CIA, NSA and CoJ and Obama administration abuse of those agencies. Instead they’re allowing themselves to get played.

Or baseball cheating.

Hmmm the real question is if the GOP mutineers (Romney, Collins et al) will vote reciprocally to allow “Republican witnesses” such as Hunter, Biden, the whistleblower etc.

I still think those picks would backfire on the GOP if they actually did it and would make Hunter a more sympathetic character who was caught up in Trump’s crazy “drug deal.”

But hey- as a political junkie, I’m kinda all for it. Bring the circus!