McConnell and Co SCOTUS hypocrisy confirmed

Conservative politics is decency. The end.

thats why if the dems win in 2020 and take the senate too they need to expand the court to nullify any picks trump makes



Yep. I always assumed the principle involved was that a President cannot nominate a SC judge in his last year when the Senate is held by a party other than his own.
Really not hypocrisy.

First, the “principle” only said don’t nominate before an election. Second, it said the outgoing president could still nominate and have a justice confirmed after the election and before change of power. Third, the principle was only pseudo-used by Republicans, and incorrectly if going by what Biden actually said.

That Republicans could regard such a thing as a “principle” says much of their principles.


Not interested from ethics lectures from the party that told us for two years that we had to accept the Mueller report and then basically tossed it out the window when it didn’t tell them what they wanted. Dems want war, not ethics.

Republicans trying to pretend they have principles and integrity in the age of trump is a joke…


When McConnell was previously asked that question he said we would have to wait and see if there would be a vacancy. No one said anything. Why the hell didn’t he just say the same thing again?

Probably because that was before the 2018 election, and he wanted to appear reasonable to the electorate.

No one bought it…

Accuse others of being unethical. Use that as a reason to be unethical. Take pride in being unethical. Modern Republican politics in a nutshell.


Yeah, we had Republicans in Michigan trying to restrict ballot access because “we’re a republic, not a democracy.”

Absolutely appalling actions from our legislative leaders.

:rofl::clown_face: Okay.

It is a disgusting nonsense: the highest court in the land should be above politics.

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That’s some real partisan justification right there.

Explain the logic.

So, because “a party” told you that you “had to accept the Mueller report” and that party ‘tossed the report out the window’ you no longer care about ethics. Or something.

Jesus Christ, this is what’s wrong with America today. Someone picks an unrelated perceived slight, and uses that to justify MORE unrelated partisan nonsense.


Drain that swamp?

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What “principle” are you citing here, @DougBH?

You could have stopped after the fourth word. The rest is just rationalization.

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Preaches about ethics.

Constantly defends Trump.

Houston, we have a problem.

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Surely D Trump is the antithesis of decency? Similarly, McConnell has shown that he is nothing more than a base character who has absolutely no qualms about abandoning principles.