Maybe We Should Show Some Kindness Now

It’s fairly clear how badly things are going for the Trump administration. Yes, of course, they’ve had some achievements–Supreme Court, the economy continuing on a good path, as well as many others, I recognize all of that–but with all of the guilty pleas and stories of former Trump associates cooperating with the Mueller investigation, this administration will be likely to be considered one of the most corrupt administrations in our nation’s history . . . and I say this considering what has already happened, with no conjecture about the future results of Mueller’s investigation or any other porn-star popups or discoveries about other as-yet-unknown shady deals, which may or may not exist.

I’m talking about what we’ve seen so far. Just the facts.

Trump has so many die-hard supporters, ballparking between 30-34 percent of the electorate. Living in Trump country, I see them daily. They are angry. They feel tricked by a biased media. For some reason–feeling discarded as flyover country castoffs, angry over lost jobs, frustration with lib-created PC culture, generally feeling like the rules are stacked against them, and so forth–they threw their lot in with Trump.

They’ll never vote Democrat. Some of them would take a bullet to the head first. Convincing them to switch parties isn’t the point of this thread. It would be a hopeless endeavor.

I know many liberals and conservatives of conscience who have rejected Trump and rail against the Trumpites every day on this site, myself included.

But I tried to put myself in their shoes, and I don’t see much alternative for them but to continue supporting the guy.

What’s the alternative? They’ve only got that one guy. And they’ve got a lot of hope that the investigation will show that nothing illegal happened. What else are they going to hope for?

Who are they going to rally around next? Pence? Really? They don’t want that. They’ve got to hang their hat on fake news and a biased investigation.

If you’re in their shoes, what else can they do? Stay the course. They’ve invested so much. Their long shot crossed the finish line first. They’ll never give up on the guy.

My point is that, after having a conversation recently with a liberal more intelligent than I am and who I respect very much, I think that the Trump supporters deserve more sympathy, and I’ll try my best to put my many objections aside and give that sympathy to them in the coming weeks.


What’s wrong with Pence?

I say Pence 2019!


Here’s what they can do.

Say; I was wrong, Trump is a horrible president and I wish I’d never voted for him.


You must be joking. You have thrown your lot in with the some of the most dishonest and nefarious people whose self loathing and anger now animates their every word and deed.

You might as well be one of a pack of hyenas saying “brother hyenas, let us no longer eat the meat of other animals” than to believe your proglib brothers will stop their lying and hate.

Deception and evil in written onto the bones of proglibs. They sold their very souls to the devil. There is no going back for them.


Trump supporters deserve absolutely no sympathy


You do not have to support the man to support his policies.

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It’s funny but one day, you wake up, look around and find that you’ve lived longer than most of the population. Personally, I’ve found it to be a cool journey. I remember so much about times gone by that I look back at as positive. Many alive today find that offensive because when they read books, not everyone expressed these positive memories. Since most didn’t live through these times and are getting their information from a book with an agenda, IMO their view today about yesterday is what’s distorted. I will acknowledge though that for over past several decades, the United States government have made laws equalizing the treatment of all. I am for that. I hate hate. I also love my country. If there have been mistakes, they have been small compared to positives that far outweigh them.

I have witnessed incredible opportunities for all that through education, hard work, determination, a sacrifice of the wants of today and a laser focus on a better tomorrow has provided a clear path to an improved socioeconomic outcome. It’s been coined the “American Dream” and no one is prohibited from seeking it regardless of color, sex, religion or anything else. I have seen barriers but for the last 50 years, they are now mostly self inflicted.

During the sixties and seventies our culture began to evolve and what emerged was an internal attack on the institutions of marriage, a stay at home mother and The Church. What has emerged since then are the results and the carnage of the attack. I see divorce, suicide, youth violence, mass murders, many needing government assistance of some sort and a self reflection that they’ve been cheated from the American Dream. I’m seeing two generations now, where many lack the mental tools and internal strength to overcome the difficulties of life itself and so they…yell at the sky.

I voted for Trump but it obviously wasn’t due to his role modeling of marriage or any of the positive human aspects that I admire most. I voted for him to punish the DC that I hold partly responsible for the moral carnage that has infiltrated our culture. The other reason is because the business of our country was being run by those who have never been successful in business. Our politicians have too often been self serving lawyers who have failed at business and are now feeding for a decade or two at the public trough, enriching themselves and those that have financially supported their political career. I can’t even begin to express how much I despise this.

What I’ve witnessed since the election is a status quo from both sides of the aisle that don’t want this to change. It was stated on almost every news outlet in this country that Trump colluded with Putin to get elected. This lie was hammered and hammered and hammered and hammered until one side was so riled, a special prosecutor was formed to investigate this lie. Those that created the lie, knew it was a lie and so they added the wording that allowed the special prosecutor to investigate almost anything else they could turn up along the way. Notice the OP stating how corrupt this Administration is? Really…“where’s the beef”? It’s been stated over and over when indictments are made that they have found no evidence of any Americans colluding with the Russians to alter the course of the election. The person who supposedly kicked off this WHOLE ■■■■■■■ THING was just sentenced to 14 days in jail. Ooooooh…14 days in jail…are you kidding me?

I’ve had two parents who loved me. I’ve had grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins and many friends whom I love and have loved me. They gave/give me strength to pursue the American Dream. I was a wild child but my parents put their foot up my rear and made me focus on my education when my youthful outlook didn’t necessarily coincide with their mature, loving outlook. They were looking out for my best interests and not necessarily their own. The family is the building block of a successful society…period. This isn’t rocket science folks. There is no substitute. Government can not replace two loving parents that each bring with them the essential qualities that when honest with each other, provide the probability of the best outcome for the next generation. Consider the Asian culture and their focus on family and education. They must face the same obstacles as all of us and yet their success here in the US substantiates what I’m attempting to convey.

I realize that my time here on earth is probably limited to the next couple of decades. What I’ve accomplished thus far, I want for all. I believe it can be done. This is what I define as “making America great again” and Trump is IMO, an atypical stepping stone to that end. Stopping illegal immigration, reducing taxes and motivating businesses to produce here in the same market place that they desire to sell their finished product is an economic foundation to our financial success.

It doesn’t stop their though and must continue with education and a strengthening of the family unit for a better tomorrow.

Anything I’ve said here comes from love. I don’t say these things for my betterment. I’ve concluded this from what I’ve observed over decades. I’ve also practiced what I’ve preached and am financially, physically, mentally and spiritually happy. I want all to have a shot at the American Dream but I also know that it has to start with in the basic unit of family. If “we” can’t fix this, “we” will decline as a nation and fade away into the oblivion of history.

I believe that somehow, we must get all of our children educated. If those that brought these children into the world aren’t accomplishing this, then something new and innovative must step in and assist these innocents. This is a problem that must be studied further. I see the waywardness of our youth getting worse as “we” further distance ourselves from God and don’t remedy this problem. There is a reason that our nation adopted, “in God we trust”.

If we are to grow as a nation, it must come from with in each of us to give our best efforts. The pride of personal accomplishments can never be replaced by attempting to look down on others. One must personally use their resources to climb and reach for a better place but not to put others down. Feeling better about yourself by putting others down is one of the weakest mental states I’ve ever witnessed and what is being suggested in the OP.

Open your eyes people and recognize where “we” have been, where “we” are and where “we” want to be? Our resources are limited and must first be applied for the betterment of United States citizens. When “we” strengthen “we” and set our course back on the right track, only then will “we” have the additional resources necessary to help others from around the globe.


Who doesn’t love trillion dollar deficits while at full employment?

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Mueller’s team has never said that. Anyone else who says it is speculating.

Ya you sure punished them. More like embarrassed the country. Congrats

I respect the honesty of some here who say they voted for the Supreme Court Nominees. I respect that. I don’t agree that we have to accept who he is and the poor behavior. I don’t know how others defend him to the hilt.


Does Rosenstein count?

Colluding and actually changing the outcome of the election are two different things. Neither he or Mueller or anybody else of importance has said there was no collusion.

Agreed, with all three points.

It would be great if we could show more kindness toward each other…respect that some of us…as conservatives just didn’t see things the way other conservatives have…but we’re still conservatives.

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“There is no allegation, in this indictment, that ANY American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in this indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

There’s no allegation in that specific indictment means just that.

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I big factor is the dehumanization of electronic communication between people. People don’t generally say the crap they say online when they are in face to face conversations. They (most) would never disrespect someone so gratuitously to their face. Not only would they lose friends and cause unnecessary anger, but their own face might get punched in or at least spark some form of violence.

Somebody told me to shut up the other day for example. LOL. Say what?!? The gall. Just… wow. That’s a perfect example of something highly unlikely to be said in a face to face conversation. It isn’t like there was an element of humor to it, that’s a different matter.

The “in this indictment” is the key phrase in that statement.

You really need to remember that every legal statement thatngoes out for public consumption is gone over backwards and forwards before it’s ever released.

I try and am not always successful to type like I am speaking face to face. Sadly I let people get the best of me. I’m learning to put the phone down or do something else or just click the little like heart to show my loving disdain for what someone has said. Lol. It finds me liking posts that I don’t like. It’s pure snark…but it helps.