Maxine Waters, Face of democrat party




Oh, is that what we’re doing now? Then please show us some posts from liberals who love Maxine and think she’s their new queen or face of the party.

I didn’t hate Comey in 2016. I wasn’t happy that the case was reopened a week before the election, but that wasn’t Comey’s fault it was Hillary’s for having been careless with her emails and Huma for sending them to her husbands computer. Comey was doing his job. Comey is pushing back at Trump because Trump has been trashing him.

It doesn’t have to.

No, but you appear to have a tingle running down your leg. :slight_smile:

you wish.
you are Democrats

shhhh. it’s a tell.

I am member of the Democratic Party.

Hence I am a democrat.


So, I guess Maxine is the new threat that the trumpanzees are going all “pearl-clutching” over.

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John Bolton used to be considered a face of the Democratic Party, but since he is officially part of the Trump Administration, he is now considered cool. :sunglasses:

technically, I’m a Republican. So I’m a member of the Republican party.

see how that is supposed to work? I’m not a member of the party of the Republic.

Silly Conan…you really missed this one didn’t you.

The gaggle of hens are the faces of Democrat party.

BTW…What happen it old mad Maxine anyway? Did someone gagged her?

You guys name someone as “the face of the Democrat party” on a weekly basis, hard to keep track!


I do enjoy a good retrospective on how wrong y’all are though, thanks!

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It’s hard to believe you guys elected people that are far crazier then mad Maxine.

I mean think about it for a moment.

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Who? Are you still blabbering about freshman from districts no one here occupies?

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Just when you think libs can’t get any crazier…they do.

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I’d go with Steve King as face of Republican Party.

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Ironic that you said this in a response to your own post… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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