Maxine Waters, Face of democrat party

The brain trust of democrat party made a profound comment that’s extremely enlighten.

She says James Comey “has no credibility” except when it comes to his outright attacks on President Trump.

And to think she is best and brightest that democrats have? Remember she is the face of your party libs.


She’s a representative of California’s 43rd district.

If a single congress critter is the face of the entire Democratic Party, then as POTUS Donald is clearly the GOP’s patron saint.


The right needs to find a better contingency plan in case of Hillary’s early passing. Maxine waters is not good replacement. She’s too silly to be a villan.

A democrat stronghold that other libs want to emulate if given a chance.

How is Maxine Waters the face of the party? That makes no sense.

She’s as much the face of the democratic party as Louis Gohmert is of the republicans. Both sides have loons that say dumb things. She’s apparently doing what her constituents want as she has been reelected many times.

And Trump is the face of the GOP. A man who has lied, cheated, stole, and manipulated everyone that he needed to in order to achieve that goal. You can complain about Maxine all that you’d like. She has a long history of idiocy. But you might want to get some medical attention for that beam in your own eye before you try to wander up that high road.


Correction to thread title;

Maxine Waters, Face of DEMOCRATIC Party.

Carry on…


The only thing that’s “extremely enlighten” in this thread is the OPs first sentence.

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Seems to me libs get offended when I say Maxine Waters is face of democrat party but have no problem painting republicans/conservatives with some extreme member.

She represent you all right to a T.

We’re not offended by you. How could we be?

They sure act like they are Who.

Move along people, there’s nothing to see here.

The notion of Trumpists calling out an entire opposition party for the stupidities of a Representative when they eagerly line up behind a president that elevates idiocy, buffoonery, and boobery to the level of performance art is just too rich.


I think she represents your typical lib. Comey is bad person except when he’s talking about Trump.

Just like most forum libs. They all hated Comey in Nov and wanted him fired. But after trump fired him Comey became Libs hero…and they haven’t stop loving him since.

And you hated him that summer, but loved him in November.

You waffled on him, too-loved him and hated him.

Your Queen is calling you. She wants your support in 2020.

And Nancy Pelosi wants to make sure you come out and vote this Nov so YOU can make her house speaker again.

Doesn’t that excite all you libs?

Trump is an extreme member?

Here is link to old forum. I dare you to find one post where I credit Comey.

In fact I double dare you.

No such thing as a “typical” lib, con, or indy voter let alone American.