Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt


Agree. Can’t balme this on Amazon. Could balm TrU failing because of amazon.

Could blame some of this on apple - kids play on their phones now Not with toys.


The North Carolina republican super majority is also redistributing sales tax revenue from the rich counties to the rural poor counties. So not only are republicans not family values, not Christian values, not law and order they’re also redistributing wealth to the poor rural areas.

I love Donald Trump and Republican politicians for forcing all the supporters to have to expose themselves.


No, it doesn’t.


Giving to the poor isn’t Christian? That’s a new one.


I dunno man a starving population is a revolutionary population. Just ask the Russian Provisional Government of 1917. They couldn’t feed the populace despite their insane decision to continue the war against the central powers. When the Bolshevicks promised an end to the war and bread the people waltzed over to their side. And I don’t blame them. Hunger is a major motivator and often an impetus behind revolutionary fervor.


So wealth redistribution is now Christian?




Did it ever occur to you that honest to god charity is not the same thing as being strong armed into giving money?


Yep, strong arming is more reliable.


Keep going, there’s more to this story.


Not really.


Let me put it to you this way then.

If a person gives to the local rescue mission, is it because they have to, or because they want to?


Probably because they want to.


Ok, now if Trump is paying taxes, is it because he wants to, or he has to?


Ask him…


You’re going to sit there and tell me that socialistic wealth redistribution, and Christian charity are one and the same, and you don’t even know how taxes work?!?!



Floyd kind of has this right. Toy companies are losing market share because kids arent into toys as much…so it’s harder to keep their attention these days.
That being said Hasbro is also looking to do layoffs because of tru. Tru was at least 12% of their profit. And when you are selling billions that’s a lot of money.

Now that could change with tru changing their name and looking to get back into the game.

The only way this land a trump is the tariffs…


It’s not that kids are not into toys, it’s just that toy companies that are losing have lost touch with the consumer.

Sales of X-Box, PS-4. and Nintendo are booming. And I think we can all agree those are definitely toys.

But let’s look beyond all that a minute, and look at a toy store that is doing really well today. They don’t sell any products you would consider cool, hip, or even modern. They sell one product, and it’s actually been around since 1902.

The retailer in question is called Build-a-Bear. In spite of selling one product that hasn’t been relevant since the turn of the 20th century, they do really well. In fact, just last summer they had a one day sale (I believe it was a ‘pay your age’ promotion) that literally blew up every mega mall in America. It worked so well, they shut down their stores within minutes after opening because the lines were that freaking long.

Why is Build-a-Bear doing so well? They don’t just sell a teddy bear, they actually take great pains to take care of their customers, and give them a world class experience in their stores.

It’s why Build-a-Bear succeeds, and TRU is dead, and Mattel and Hasbro are circling the drain. When you lose the customer, you lose the business!


I hate to bust your teddy bubble, but BBW is trading at a five year low, and its 2017 revenue was lower than any point in the last 14 years. :frowning:

BBW is a fine store, but it’s in malls, which have lower foot traffic than they used to. The pay-your-age event was an 80-90% discount.

I’d say American Girl would be a better example than BBW to make your point…