Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt


Mattel is having to affect a lot of families due to a lot of factors. Let’s hope they survive.



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I blame Al Gore.


Thanks to Presidebt Donald Trump!


:rofl: Try thanks to Apple and Amazon.


Will Trump be as quick to take credit for these layoffs as he is to take credit for companies adding jobs? That will be quite telling.


Nope, you give trump credit for the good you must blame him for the bad.


Everything good in the economy is because of tax cuts.

Everything bad in the economy is because of changing market conditions.



They have been struggling far longer than he has been in office.


I guess making a doll that doesn’t offend SOME lib just got too expensive.


Capitalism in action. The strong survive and the weak fall by the wayside.


Wait? What?

If ToysrUs was opening new stores and Mattell was hiring more people I am certain our President would be taking credit for that and Trumpist Right Wingers would be singing glorious praises to Mr. MAGA :us:

So it is only fair these economic disasters should be equally shared by our President.




And didn’t even read the article.


So you have no problem with farmers going bankrupt, right? Capitalism. So, you must be angry over Trump giving them $12 billion to keep going.


Unless, of course, you are a bank or a farmer. Then you can just get the government to bail you out.


Farming is a special case for several reasons, national security being one of them. The irrevocable loss of farm land being another. We need to preserve the ability to feed ourselves in the event world trade goes down, not really applicable to the need to buy toys from a brick and mortar store.



That doesn’t change the facts. It happened under his watch, he deserves the credit.

GOD knows if they were hiring 2200 new workers and Fat Donald caught wind if it he would take credit for ut.


Obama took credit for things he didn’t do, like making the waters recede and feeding thousands of poor people with only seven loaves of bread and five fish. It would be unfair to not credit Trump for things he didn’t do either.


Ability to feed ourselves? So, no one has access to seeds to plant their own vegetables?

I see farm land being sold all the time to developers.

Toys R Us also sold lots of other things besides toys.


There are multiple camps here. What I find to be ironic is that traditionally DEMs would be siding with Trump over the tariffs and the $12 billion dollar subsidy. But anti-Trump sentiment is getting the better of them these days.

I personally support the actions Trump is taking. The trade war is temporary as both sides jockey for position. In the short-term the farmers are being impacted by government policy. It makes sense that the government would step in and provide temporary relief.

The above actions have everything to do with Government policy and nothing to do with free market capitalism.