Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt


or the stock market spiking up.


i do, it has to do with TRU being saddled with massive amounts of debt.


What did Barack Obama have to do with less people buying from Catepillar, when the Republicans blamed him for that companies layoffs?

Obama was blamed for every layoff that happened during his terms in office. Just like his administration took credit for every job created, the way Trump is doing now. It is only fair Trump takes the hit for this Mattel and Toys r Us stuff, you got to take the bad if you are going to lay claim to the good.


I can see Toys-R-Us getting killed by Apple and Amazon, but that shouldn’t have impacted Mattel. The shift in retail outlets just means that Mattel stuff gets sold through different vectors.

TRU wasn’t the only Mattel outlet.

If Mattel sales are tanking, it’s because consumers don’t want their products, and someone else is filling the toy niche.

Could it be our lower birthrate has an impact on companies like Mattel? (I wonder how the disposable diaper market is doing…)


For children or adults?


You needle is stuck.


Well, … speak for yourself.


Not at all Guvnah, it has moved on, it is now in Trump’s groove!


You blew it…a perfect set up…


And I used it.


Guess I had a pertinent question after all.



No. You didn’t.


Mattel shot itself in the foot, and lost a bunch of Disney contracts among other things. This has less to do with Toys R Us, and more to do with companies like Hasbro beating them to the punch.

In other words, those 2,200 workers will be simply moving across the street to make toys for Hasbro and other competitors.


This is what’s really going on at Mattel…they are losing touch with the consumer, and companies like Disney are moving their business as a result.

That they are laying off 2,200 people after Toys R Us disappeared is coincidental.


The bad in this case is Bezos. Not exactly a friend to Trump.


The bad is Trump and only Trump.

The man is taking sole credit for every job created since he was sworn in, with his fan base agreeing, so he must also be given sole credit for every job lost, since he was sworn in.

It is only fair and equitable.


Did you read anything of what I put up, or are you arguing just to argue?


I have read all about it. What is being reported is irrelevant.

If all jobs gained under Trump are because Trump is president, as Trump and Trumpettes will avow, then all jobs lost under Trump should be attributed to Trump as well, regardless the Disney and or doll wars.



Has nothing to do with the fact that farm states are typically republican, right?


If Amazon put Toys r Us under, why wouldn’t they still be buying and selling toys from Mattel?

Makes no sense.