Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt


Tell that to those who were arguing that bathroom rules tanked Target stock. One of them is this very thread.


That was part of it.

It was also murdered by vulture capitalists that bought the company up, piled it up with tons of debt to the point where the end of the company was inevitable and then extracting as much wealth out of it as possible while the people who worked there were left holding the bag.

The seeds of Toy’s R Us demise was sown back in 2005 when $5 billion in debt was used in a leveraged buyout. The new owners were never interested in creating wealth… just extracting it.


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Probably but have you heard about Target losing value because of their bathroom rules…


Simmer down. That was kinda a non sequitur… making me think that my views on bathroom policies -not mentioned in months - struck a nerve in FreeAndClear.

Sorry if I offended.


Lol you didn’t offend me mang. Just wanted to point out the silliness of the point propagated in regards to Target by people after the bathroom controversy and the lack of even a tangential thread to reality.


Just a casualty of the war on Christmas.


So obama is responsible for coal mines?


Hurray for you post Mx. Antacid. Your post was heartburn to frowzy followers of Occasional-Cortez. And it earns an UPVOTE!

Toys R Us has been contracting and going bankrupt since the early 1990’s at least. Not one of the better faux “Aha! We gotcha now meester tromp example moments.”


Not even close…try thanking bain capital…Amazon and apple have nothing to do with this. Nor does trump…just shady business and nothing more.


Yup…they had a huge rent they couldnt pay off each month.


He won the war on coal remember.


You think millennial parents are still buying little green army men?


Yes…just at a smaller rate…

Dude this is my hobby…tru didnt go under because of Amazon or apple or trump.


Ok, if you say so.


Irrelevant! It happened on Trump’s watch. If he and his minions give him credit for every job created since January 20th 2017, then by golly he gets credit for every store closing and every layoff and every job lost since that day as well.

It was good enough for his predecessor.

It is good enough for him.


Not any more. They became Fat Donald’s babies on January 20th, 2017.



Too funny!


What does Donald Trump have to do with less people buying at Toys ‘R’ Us?