Matt Gaetz under federal investigation for relationship with underaged girl

Man, this thread was like “100 ways jezcoe can be wrong about something.”

Then again…

Imagine gleefully taking part in making one of those sad ass losers the President of the United States. :rofl:


16 is a bit old for him


True, he does tend to sniff the younger ones, right in front of the whole damn world on camera at that. Why do his voters defend him so vigorously after threads like these? Perhaps these are the coping mechanisms. :thinking:


On the other hand, how many threads are you in, grousing about how the justice system is rigged and unfair?

Nah… I think that it is awesome that Gaetz can traffic an underaged girl and still have support from conservatives.

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It is interesting that in Conservativeland simply being a teacher is enough to be labeled a pedophile, while Gaetz not being charged is an occasion for gloating and glee.

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I honestly don’t know.

How many?

Who’s doing any of that?

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From the article:

After the sentencing, Greenberg’s attorney Fritz Scheller said he was “disappointed” that the Justice Department hasn’t charged anyone else as part of the sex-trafficking investigation. Scheller previously said in court that Greenberg gave investigators information about seven or eight other men as it pertains to the illegal sexual contact with a minor.

So it will be interesting if the DOJ will follow thru with further indictments. And is Gaetz totally out of the woods yet?

Interesting. Now who is the chair of the Ethics committee? A Republican .

Meanwhile, when is the Epstein client list going to be released?

The age of consent is 16 or 17 in many states, but 18 in the Virgin Islands where Epstein’s Island is located.

Has this list ever been confirmed? Is it like a spreadsheet or something?

From what I have seen, events related to Epstein’s island were most likely part of an intelligence operation involving the US and/or an ally. We may never get anything to close to a full story about what was going on.

Congress ordered the complete release of the JFK assassination-related files by 2017, but the FBI/CIA are still withholding classified documents.

Punchbowl news sources are the most reputable sources in this fair land.

What the …

What have you “seen” that could possibly lead you to post that?

I don’t know where you get this crap, wherever it is, you need to get away from there.


Especially when it is an article that refers to sources familiar with the situation. :roll_eyes:

Multiple sources that is.

There are a lot of questions about where Epstein got his money, why he got a cushy plea deal in 2008 and then was allowed to resume his operation, and circumstances related to his reported death in a prison cell.

This history makes a lot more sense if there is an intel connection. Using sex for influence, blackmail, or intel gathering is nothing new in intelligence operations, and neither are deaths under mysterious circumstances.

So you haven’t “seen” anything.

Sooooo… this is happening.

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