Matt Gaetz under federal investigation for relationship with underaged girl

The investigation was opened by William Barr during the Trump administration. Gaetz is claiming that the accusations are part of an extortion attempt. Interesting that this breaks the same day Gaetz is reported saying that he will not seek re-election and possibly leave his position early to take a job with Newsmax.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is under investigation for an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl, The New York Times reports.

Federal investigators are reportedly examining Gaetz’s alleged payment for the minor’s travel alongside him, which could violate sex trafficking laws. It is unclear how the two met. The Justice Department opened the probe in the twilight of former President Donald Trump’s administration under former Attorney General William Barr, who briefed senior DOJ officials on the matter, according to the Times.

woof, from 2017…

Doesn’t he have another kid just straight up living with him?

yep. His “son”. He is 19 now but looks like he’s been living with Gaetz since he was 12.

Something never felt right about that situation.

Ew yucky



This has big problem written all over it.

And here I thought he was just a garden variety dudebro ■■■■■■ bag.

He strikes me as one of those types who accused people of deviant behavior while behind closed doors delving into…well…deviant behavior.

That’s what they do.


I don’t think much of leaked stories about people being under investigation anymore, they do seem like smears.

It was odd hearing he was considering abandoning politics this early in his career. He seems the career politician type. Might be nothing or just coincidence but an allegation like this, if true or unable to be completely discounted, could be a compelling reason to do so.

Gaetz has admitted that the investigation exists and says he’s being extorted.

Not just extorted but that the accusations are not true if I’m reading correctly.

If he didn’t already have a kid that’s not his in his household for no reason he can seem to adequately explain maybe I’d be more skeptical.

Ah, another fine example of the fine morally upstanding party that the GOP has become of late.

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No one obsesses vice like the vicious.

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Watch how quickly the Trump team turns against him.

If true, it could be a compelling reason to quit.
If false, it could be a compelling reason to quit.

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If proven true, I hope so.

When Tucker Carlson is like “Yo, that was strange”, you know you’re screwed.

morals? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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