Materialism, Technology, Vs. Medical Advances?

I’ve never owned a smart phone in my lifetime. I think to myself why do most people need a smart phone? After all, there is a huge difference between wants and needs in this world. At what point does technology go to far, and become materialism? Back in the day it took a stick and a ball to entertain kids. Now adays if you don’t have a smart phone by the time you’re 6 you’re not only not cool, but you’re behind the times. I do find it very interesting how most of the time Democrats constantly seem to either own, run, or push the materialism of the world. Examples: Not only the evil/known corrupt cities in the world are known majorly as Liberal Democratic cities, but yet they contradict themselves by trying to push most of the own problems that they create on the Republicans. I believe in medical advances, and hope for them to continue, but at one point does it become insanity, of simply doctors and companies trying to intentionally push things like new medications on people, simply to see if society will conform to dealing with the massive side effects?

Aka your old.

Smartphones by far are my favorite invention of all time.

I literally have a library in my hand. I can listen to any music I want when I want. I can watch TV / movies on it. Any random bit of knowledge I need to know is just a few clicks away. So many uses.

I need mine for work. I also organize my life through my iPhone and my Mac. I’d be an unorganized mess without them.

Trust me they help.

Smart phones are going to play a key role in bringing the Blockchain Internet to the front.

Speaking of materialism, I can see 3D printers becoming a more applicable tool for receiving goods as bandwidth and capabilities advance. Kid wants the newest latest greatest action figure? $9.99 gets it for you at your local Walmart where the only stock they carry is spools of filament.

I’m assuming that you are typing this on your computer. You can also post here on a smart phone which is anymore just a computer in your pocket. In fact smart phones are waaaaay more powerful than computers 15-20 years ago, I think? I also bank and trade stocks on my phone. Doesn’t matter where I am.

They need to come out with a bright idea algorithm where all the data is collaborated and everyone’s similar ideas and methods of proving their theories are stored, and new methods of testing can be developed upon those theories. Kind of a innovation fast forward button.

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Then put it into an inventor robot brain that will take over the world

That is one answer I was looking for. I can respect that.

Yes what you’re talking about is materialism, and Walmart is one of the strongest and biggest companies of that. Maybe you can talk to Hillary about all of this? She use to be on the Board at Walmart.

That’s actually something that could likely be developed with the current Microsoft AI platform. Not a bad idea at all.

Ok. I’m not sure why I’d need to talk to Hillary though.

Forget it. Sometimes I don’t understand things also. Nobody is perfect.

I own a smart phone, but it doesn’t own me. As for the rest of “smart” technology - those AI “helpers” that are supposed to help you find what TV show to watch, remind you to close your garage door, etc - no thanks. They creep me out.

Well this was delightful. I get your worries just fine, but just remarking on some of the potential good in technology. Have a wonderful night, and God bless.

I can respect that answer also. Now adays everything has a button, and can be done for you. Back then, everything had a turn or a level, and you had to put work into.

Walmart is a “strong and big company of materialism”?

How is selling products people want and need, as well as services, like their optical shop, at reasonable prices that they’re willing to pay materialistic?

Well, for me, I use a smartphone to check personal email, listen to music, listen to public domain books on my drive home, read novels, communicate with my family (texting, imessaging and phone), play games, use as a notepad, use as a calculator, pay bills, watch funny short videos, find out what types and number of fish people have been catching locally, monitor my fitbit, occasionally use it for GPS, shop, order pizza, store my fishing license, check weather, check sailing weather, use as an illuminated magnifying glass, keep my bird watching list on, identify birds, geocaching, and as a video and still camera. I’ve done most of the above in the last week.

Don’t forget Pokémon.

I have both but use neither for that purpose and I’m a mess. Over the decades, I’ve surrounded myself by people that are organized to help overcome my shortcomings.