Massive sections of the wall being built rapidly?

today trump tweeted how massive sections of the border wall are being built rapidly.
according to CBP as of september 30th since january 2017 they have built a total of only 69 miles of new wall…

from cbp

Warp speed captain!

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Not bad 69 miles of new wall and hundreds of miles of improved barrier.

I think that pretty good…not massive…pretty good works for me.


Was just 6 or 8 months ago only existing sections were being repaired.

I am a happy Orange Man Good voter.


Any word on whether that check from Mexico is in the mail, or are American taxpayer dollars still being used to fund something that Mexico is suppose to be funding per our president?


69 miles of new wall in almost 3 years. at that rate they will complete the 1400+ miles of wall they need to build about the turn of teh century

No a total of 69 miles of improved barriers have been completed, not hundreds

You seem to ignore hundreds of miles of improved barrier…why?

During a trade war with China and an impeachment “INQUIRY!”

Where does he find the time…


Because they haven’t been built yet

Read the passage again very carefully, paying close attention to WHEN that “hundreds” of miles were constructed. Hint: it was prior to January 2017.

I wonder, what significant change happened with our government in January of 2017? Hmmmm - if I could just put my finger on it…


So you’re saying Trump hasn’t improved those barriers…is that what you’re telling me?

That’s all that’s happening now too. Read the last sentence carefully

“To date, approximately 69 miles of new border wall system have been constructed in place of dilapidated and outdated designs

Well, he’s apparently had about 69 miles of them improved to date according to the information in this article. I’ll give him that.

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No, we’re saying 69 miles is nothing to brag about nor is it “rapid”

You libs are really scared that Trump just might pull this off despite all the BS libs have pulled.


Thanks Obama

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For months and months libs have been taunting, “Not a single mile… Not a single inch…” ( spit ).

I even made a bet with one of the libs on this board (who has long ago fled) that at least SOME wall would be constructed by the end of Trump’s presidency. (He insisted that none ever would.)

In spite of all the roadblocks. In spite of all the ankle biting by the Dems.

Now, so far, we have 69 miles. The new lib mantra is that it’s “only” 69 miles.

Roadblocks continue. Legislative roadblocks. Judicial roadblocks from lib judges. Towns with lib mayors try to get in the way. Lib private landowners push legal challenges.

But the building is now under way, and it WILL continue.

Let the libs have the open borders in their back yards. Walls elsewhere will funnel the illegal foot traffic and associated crime to their towns and farms. Soon enough they’ll come crying to the government for solutions and relief.

Libs will never be happy because, … well … they’re libs.