Massive Protests in China

An interesting question is how much foreign governments are supporting the protests. State-affiliated news gives an idea of what is happening.

MSNBC is downplaying the reports protests. The only mention appears on the bottom right of their webpage, and the headline is still talking about clashes at the iPhone factory and rising cases of COVID in China. If anything MSNBC appears to be supporting the Chinese government, not the protestors. Considering the close links between the CIA and MSNBC, this is a good indication that the CIA is not instigating the protests.

In contrast, the BBC has the story at the top left. British intelligence may well be supporting the protests.

RT is reporting the protests as well. The location of the story is at the right side of the top of their page. Russia is certainly not playing up the story, but it is not ignoring it completely at least for their English language page. The Russian language version only mentions British Foreign Office concerns about protecting protestors in China. Russia appears to be supporting the Chinese government but is acknowledging the existence of the protests.

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…a good observation. I have developed a true disdain for both our media and our federal government.


Glenn Greenwald has reported extensively on the close connections between MSNBC/NBC the intel agencies. Here is one example.

CNN also has close relations with the CIA/FBI, although it appears to be trying to distance itself a bit recently. It is putting the China story at the top center of its page, so there may be a diversity of opinions about the protests within the US intel agencies.

So far I have seen nothing from the US State Department about the protests.

I got it now.
Silly me.

The “sheoplization” of our population has been going on very strongly, since Trump came down the stairs…and listening to all of the regurgibleating of the fed narratives, sadly…it’s working.

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They credit score system they have for complete control is what the democrats intend to do here.

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Many U.S companies have their production in China. If they suffer…many consumers back home are going to feel it, too.

ETA: Thanks, Obama.

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Protests erupting throughout China now. Brave folks knowing that cameras are everywhere and ringleaders will be arrested, imprisoned or disappeared.

Thousands took to the streets in China over the weekend in the largest public protests the country has seen in decades. Demonstrators gathered in at least ten cities — including Shanghai and Beijing — calling for the resignation of President Xi Jinping over draconian COVID-19 policies that have seen hundreds of millions of people fenced into their apartment buildings.

Brave people. They all know they just signed their paperwork to transfer to a reeducation camp.

China is a leftist tyranny. Leftists govts will do anything to stay in power as history shows.

And letting China into the WTO is just another example of how stupid or corrupt the DC swamp has become. Can you think of anything the swamp got right since the 90’s?

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I think most all of us think that China will simply crack down in a variety of ways- and I’m sure they will. But this does show the level of anger that is potentially explosive throughout the country.

Ostensibly its about draconian covid lockdowns but it also is about protesting Xi Jinping himself and his increasingly dictatorial control over China.

This won’t get easily solved by knocking heads and killing off a few ringleaders.

I disagree.


They’ve been welding peoples doors shut for the past two years. The CCP don’t give a ■■■■ .


They will easily quell the protests superficially. But the simmering anger will not go away. Jinping is going full Mao in terms of consolidating power. We shall see but I don’t think this ends in a bunch of arrests. More is afoot.

Deaths not arrests. Examples of the ringleaders will be made, and the unemployed will fill their shoes. The worm will turn.

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Yes to all of that. But then?

I don’t think it ends.

Anyways- y’all are quite likely right…but I have a feeling this is bigger than a few crackdowns. Either Jinping has to bend, or he will face a mini civil war.

If he bends, he’s weak. He won’t be weak.