Mass shootings up under Biden

Shootings involving four or more victims are well ahead of a last year’s pace. Defunding police and harassment of police officers have increased the shootings.

Mass Shootings On Course For Record Year As US Transforms Into Violent Mess | ZeroHedge

Here are photos of all the known suspects suspects.

Is systemic racism of the national media on display in this photo?

The stereotype from the media is that white males are responsible for most mass shootings. The reality is clearly different.

Th real racism appears to be in the reporting. The national media they rarely report mass shootings unless the suspect is white and the victims are another race, which is exceptionally rare.

Or… and hear me out… last year… outside was closed.


Also, police departments haven’t been totally denuded as the OP as th OP would have us believe with his/their “defund” shtick.

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They are way ahead of 2019 and 2018 as well.

The police budgets have been cut in the big cities run by Democrats, where a large portion of the shootings are occurring.

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Gosh, with Soros funded progressive prosecutors like this dumbass getting themselves elected it’s no wonder criminals are walking among us blasting away without any accountability!

biden voters be crazy.

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Libs got everything they wanted in the 2020 election. House. Senate. White House.

And yet they’re madder than ever. :man_shrugging:


When will libs admit they own this?


Biden on Wednesday announced a five-point proposal that includes:

Cracking down on gun sellers who violate federal laws, with a new zero-tolerance policy.
Giving additional support to local law enforcement to help with summer crime increases.
Investing in community violence intervention programs.
Expanding summer employment and services, particularly for teens and young adults.
Helping formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reenter their communities.

Might it help? It will be interesting to see what extra support local law enforcement requests.

Why do you always refer to “libs”. Do you think that all Democrats are Liberals? Or are you just addressing the Liberals only?

Democrats aren’t liberals…they hide behind the label of liberalism to impose their authoritarianism.

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Yeah, but most Liberals are Democrats. It’s sort of a chicken and the egg deal.

Most liberals been mislead. Authoritarians had masked themselves until it’s too late. Now that they think they have a lock on power they’re showing just who and what they are.


That is just downright silly. Let’s go back to Obama’s first term. When the Republicans took back the Senate Mitch McConnell said that his only focus was to make Obama a one term president. And then he went on to block anything and everything Obama tried to do. Exactly what you said happens on both sides.

Yes he did. So did the house. It’s to be expected.

They did it to Bush, they did it to Obama and they did it again to Trump…and they’re going to do it again in 2022 to Biden.

Last time they actually worked across the isle IMO was Clinton and Newt.


I once read a article about Everett Dirksen (when he was the Republican minority leader) and LBJ (when he was POTUS)… Every Friday Dirksen had a standing 5pm meeting in the oval. Dirksen would say that he needed Democrat support for a bill and LBJ would say okay if he could get one of his guys confirmed. They would come to a agreement and then sit for a couple of hours and drink. And I bet it was some good stuff. I think that politics was easier back then…

After seeing multiple interviews with both of them talking about the other guy it is obvious that both had a deep respect for the other one. Newt said something interesting once. He said that he was always amazed that every meeting he went to with the president that no matter what the subject was, Clinton was the smartest guy in the room. He was really taken with how much Clinton would do his homework and know every angle.

And of course so did Newt.

You have to ask? :wink: