Mass shootings up under Biden

Not because they wanted to.

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Interesting. How much of this dough will be used to force “progressive” prosecutors who sympathize with perpetrators to indict and prosecute violent criminals and throw them in jail where they belong?

Jbiden is not a defund the police guy. If anything he would add police.

Defund the police is an Angela Davis thing.

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It isn’t just the budgets, the media is definitely complicit when they label abhorrent violent acts, as “mostly peaceful” with the message that this is ok. Then you get people like the Vice President to call out to everyone around the US to send money and bail these criminals out of jail…again…another message that this is ok. When you get George Soros AGs around the country, not punishing criminal behavior…it sends a message that this is ok. When laws are made that dictate theft under $950.00 will not be punished, it sends a message that this is ok. Mass shootings is nothing more than a reflection of the moral compass of our current society.

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How many of the mass shootings have been by shooters who got their guns from gun sellers who didn’t follow current law?

I guess you COULD say that many of them were shooters who got their guns from black market sources. So I guess technically the “sellers” didn’t follow the laws. But that’s not the SELLERS that Biden is targeting.

Seems a bit schizophrenic in the face of defunding police at the same time. :man_shrugging:

Essentially they’re turning the “American Rescue Plan” into a slush fund. How government-y!

“Libs” is a subset of both Democrats and Liberals.

Conan used “Libs” correctly.

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Well, it’s downright silly to a lib. :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t matter.

Today neither side wants to either. But there are no statesmen to effect what needs to be done.

Statesmen lol.

Blackmailers, that’s how ■■■■ gets done. Yes both sides.

the solution is simple.

we should arrest, try, and convict all the guns committing these crimes.

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not entirely accurate, he would add federal money for police after localities cut their budgets to reimagine policing in an effort to exhert federal control over local policing

Still entirely accurate.

I won’t stick my neck out and say it never happens, but this Biden bullet point is purely fodder for the ignorant lib masses. It’s more deceptive and less effective than the “gun show loophole” over used by previous gun grabbers. I expect this is really a ploy to reduce the number of gun dealers by pulling their license for making clerical errors.

Todays Libertarians are more aligned with the classical liberal of decades ago.

The only Authoritarians that exist in the US, have an R after their name. Most of them are not conservatives…but, they are the new R party, led by Trump.

The democrats are not organized enough to be authoritarians.

Your definition of liberalism is from the 18th, and early 19th century.

Liberalism has evolved.

How many decades?

That wouldn’t work because the States Attorneys would let the guns go.

Who has instituted a mask wearing policy in the House, even if you’ve been vaccinated?

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Uh, since when do you guys care about mass shootings?

Weak. Anemic.

Since always.