Mass shooting in Dayton Ohio

At least 9 Dead 16 wounded.

Thoughts and prayers.


Is there a string of mass shootings happening this week? Isn’t this three in three days? :thinking:


Well this sucks.

Country’s gone nuts.

Going to get worse I fear.

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People tend to say that when mass shootings (especially multiple mass shootings) happen. I say three people went nuts, not the country.

People say that too.

We have normalized insanity.

Look what’s in White House.


Aaaaand doink

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You can agree with his policies, but it’s hard to deny. Normal people don’t act like him. I’ve been around here a long time. You never heard me say anything like this about Bush or Republicans in general.


Same’ish. I’ve seen people of all political stripes get absolutely hysterical and paranoid on their keyboards when terrorist attacks like these happen.

If it’s muslim terrorists, conservatives rail on about how Shariah Law is materializing into a person that runs around oppressing westerners.

If it’s a white terrorist, libs wet their pants in hopes that it will stop the white supremacists from breaking down their door and oppressing them next.

You know what else both sides have in common? iT’s ThE pReSiDeNt’S fAuLt!


News breaks about an active shooting event before the identity of the shooter is announced

Libs: “Please be white! Please be white! Please be white!”

Cons: “Please be muslim! Please be muslim! Please be muslim!”

Side that gets their wish: “YES! See? Your side sucks!”


To be clear, I’m not blaming him. I claiming he’s a symptom.

Truth here…we are more divided than ever.

Serious question. Do you think any president has ever been more openly divisive than this one?

A) I haven’t been alive long enough to compare every single president.

B) This country has had waaay darker days than anything we’ve had since Jan '17.

C) I’ve heard that “most divisive president ever” line of horse crap since Clinton’s first term. It’s played out, and lame.

D) I’ve never lost a friend over who got elected to the White House. I don’t live among clowns like that.


And that has what to do with this shooting? Oh and if you think this is the most America has ever been divided politically, I can only guess you weren’t alive during the Vietnam war.

Yes. The civil war was worse, no doubt.

The late 60’s were not great, but rhetoric of this man seems different to me. Maybe I’m being partisan, but I think you know well enough to see that I at least try to see both sides.

You are smart. You can read speeches and rhetoric. Do you honestly think this guy falls in line with the others?

No, I said he is the most openly divisive one.

I don’t care what people think of this opinion of mine, but I see a “new” group of billionaires taking over the mantle from the “old” group of billionaires who, in spite of their billions of dollars, cannot buy another decade of life.

As old and dying and irrelevant as they are becoming, they’re not letting go without a fit.

I disagree. I don’t like a lot of what he says, but if you are a kook, you do kook things. Nobody makes them do it. Also, it’s always insta-gun ban solutions, because it will make us “Safe”

I fail to see how starting a civil war makes us “Safe”

Back in the 60’s & 70’s there was over a thousand bombings a year done by leftists wanting socialism. A couple years I believe there was around 2 thousand. There’s always been kooks. Perspective.

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