Mass shooting in Dayton Ohio

You have any information on these? Not saying it didn’t happen. Just not something I’ve heard of. That was before my time, but it seems like I’d know something if there were a thousand bombings a year for two decades. Maybe those have been forgotten.

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So we can count on you to never associate any violence with something a liberal politician says. Cause there are nuts. Good for you! You set the standard for us all.


A thousand bombings a year? I’m not buying this.

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I heard that there were 2,000 bombings a week. Check your sources.


Technically he’s probably right on numbers. Not for the reasons though. The Cleveland mob war of the late seventies alone accounted for dozens of them. Those weren’t about socialism.

Well, check these out. I lived through those years, it happened. It happened over & over.

How many people were killed? My understanding is that was not similar at all to the mindless killing of our domestic terrorists with the sole intention of taking lives.

Those were just kooks right?

Obama. Look at the riots he instigated by sticking his nose,(and forming premature and wrong judgments), into various incidents such as Michael Brown and the Ferguson police.

This sort of thing happened time and again during his 8 years.

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Personally, I don’t know what the 1970s has to do with it.

Because bombings happened then, we should shrug in 2019 when X number of people get their innards blasted out onto sidewalks in Dayton?

Less than killed in the El Paso mass shooting alone…

This is the 253rd mass shooting this year… Nothing will change … Gun lobbies control Washington

Danny Green.

Yeah he won’t be missed.

Well if you’re open to thinking Obama’s words sparked riots then certainly you can find the space in your brain to perhaps consider that Trump saying that Mexico sends us their rapists and drug dealers and job stealers might mayhaps be just the spark a racist pos with a gun needs to go shoot up a wal mart.


Previous presidents have been Judas-sheeping the unaware nation into the arms of a planned globalist world order. Maybe except JFK, and Reagan - both shot for not playing ball. Now people are waking up to the globalist agenda, and people are dividing over continuing to the globalist end-game, or asserting survival as an independent state. For sure, Trump has caused this ideological division between globalist devotees and patriots to increase. But sometimes one has to divide between evil and good fruit, lest the whole basket becomes irreparably rotten. Trump hasn’t directly stoked the violence being used by ideologically opposed factions. They can’t blame Trump for actions they themselves have chosen to take.

Why would he shoot up a Wal Mart? If he was a racist and incited by those words wouldn’t he seek out illegals instead??

I’m hearing the guy was for free health insurance and guarenteed income.

If true then he was probably a lefty.

I apologize, I forgot what a complete waste of time it is to talk to you. Have a blessed Sunday.


How awful. Sincerely, thoughts and prayers, and rays of hope that these shootings will end.

One day from the last one. ONE DAY. Good Lord.

The feeling is mutual. You have a blessed sunday too.