Mass migration in the UK (and elsewhere) has not been the utopian dream that the liberals promised

I fail to see how a guy here 15 years and went crazy has anything to do with our immigration laws.
The criminals who trashed the city had nothing to do with immigration.
We are part of the EU so immigration is part of that and have pledged to take around 100k Ukrainians.
We’ll do what we can with limited space but we will never loose our culture.
Since brexit we need a passport to even go to the UK, so our border is secure

you’re making the same mistakes the US is doing. it leads to eventual dissolution of your culture, all for the benefit of the leftists in politics.

no the “criminals” who rioted had nothing to do with immigration but they are fed up with seeing their culture over-run with foreigners. it’s a form of invasion. (this is why your media blames it all on the “far right” just like they do here except when they agree then it’s “mostly peaceful”.)

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You can Australia to this as well:

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese warned that his country had an unsustainable level of immigration and urged changes to get a handle on the situation.

“We do need to have our migration level brought to a sustainable level, and we will be releasing the details of that this week,” Albanese said over the weekend. “This is a response to the fact that the system is broken.”

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Nah, it’s about not wanting to flood the country with a bunch of people who are just going to live off welfare:

Countries with smart immigration policies — Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — have point systems giving preference to educated immigrants with language and job skills.

In contrast, two-thirds of legal immigrants to America receiving permanent residence get a green card based solely on having a family member here, whether they can support themselves or not.

It’s no wonder a staggering 55% of households headed by an immigrant who has not yet attained citizenship use at least one welfare program.

Biden’s proposed immigration “reform” actually loosens the standards for family-based migration even more, never mind the impact on taxpayers and city social services.


You say it had nothing to do with immigration but go on to say they were fed up with it.
That is not true as hooded looters and arsonists has nothing to do with immigrants and their existence shouldn’t be blamed for it.

your culture and national identity will be eroded and eventually destroyed if you don’t control your borders. it’s not the fault of the “hard right” like your media promises you

if you dont believe me open a history book


more destruction thanks to democrats

It’s not.

One world order? It is.

How much effort should the core put into saving the gap?

No, it’s not. It is insidious.

It’s utter nonsense dreamt up since time immemorial. Protocols of Zion were about one world order.

No, it’s not. It is the dream of many in power. It is behind US foreign policy for decades.

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Ah ok. I see what you mean

One world order is an extreme of imperialism. There is no cabal in davos planning how to control all of us. The current world migration isn’t about that either.

The way to stop illegal immigration is to guard the border and deport those who sneak over the border.

I saw an LA democrat business guy begging for the dems to give him a reason to vote for them again because of rampant petty crime in LA. So he just wants to be lied to again. The one thing he would not do is offer a solution himself and then find politicians who agree with him and vote for them…

The solution is enforcing the laws and backing up those who enforce the law. Immigration is the same way.

Laughing at dems in Chicago. The people are tired of being a sanctuary city but keep voting for far left open border kooks.


A good summary, and there’s more:

We are all poorer both financially and culturally as a result of such high levels of rapid mass immigration.

Of course there is. I don’t know about Davos. You realize it doesn’t require meetings.

That may be true. How about “encouraged.”

It occurs to me that this is a redistribution of hope.

This stuck with me. Examples abound. Covid shed a light on it.

There are no meetings required. Just like-minded individuals in positions of power.

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Exactly. The way leftists downplay the one-world stuff is by trying to make it look like we are claiming they have regular gatherings of the Legion of Doom, or SPECTRE. In reality, this is all like-minded psychopaths who wield a lot of power and view 90% of the world population as useless eaters who are wasting their resources.