Mass migration in the UK (and elsewhere) has not been the utopian dream that the liberals promised

Globalists use mass migration to change a nation’s identity.
Prove it wrong.

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They got Venezuela instead of Norway?


gaslight 002

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This country went through mass immigration from places that at the time were called ■■■■■■■■■■

Human migration is as old as humans. If you want to criticize illegal immigration’s that’s fine and makes sense

But to claim that this is some globalist one world nonsense is silly.


One World Order…yes. That’s the end game.
If you don’t see it…you need to pinch your self.
Same with our open border.
Democrats are not stupid, corrupt yes but not stupid.
They are just fulfilling the marching orders they got.

Here’s something that I found regarding this:

The British government is championing the potential for swift deportation to Rwanda as a method to deter more individuals from illegally entering the UK.

Under the proposed agreement with Rwanda, all illegal immigrants could be deported to this country, regardless of their nationality. Asylum applications would then be processed in Rwanda, and if approved, claimants would be granted asylum – but in Rwanda, not the UK.

Is it fair to say that the British people would be more than happy to have all these migrants deported?

No not “just like Ireland recently” at all.
One incident sent a bunch of 20 somethings into the streets to create havoc, set fire and steal from local businesses.
Notice they had their faces covered and had nothing to say, no placards, no message nothing to say.
A Brazilian immigrant was the one who challenged and stopped the man from stabbing any more children, which started the whole thing off.
I guess the so called rioters supposedly protesting immigration weren’t aware of this fact.


no specifics. no racism.

people just dont want to see their country go to ■■■■■ hard to believe huh?


precisely just like it in fact.

people get fed up. remember how wonderful you thought this was in 2020?

notice that now you have to be careful what you say:

and this is chilling. hopefully this isnt your senator:

ireland needs more Brazilians?

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The eye opening isn’t real if so much it is based on imagination

Just pointing out that it was an immigrant that stopped the man, here 15 years from causing any more harm.
Doesn’t that cancel out the whole argument.
There was no protest against immigration or anything else for that matter, just a lot of vandalism and looting and setting fire to stuff.
If we are passing anti hate laws that should tell you where we stand on this issue not a bunch of fed up 20 year olds running amok.
Why is trying to minimise it so bad.

In answer to your question yes illegal immigration is an issue and concern for the British people. However this whole Rwanda farce is not the solution and the fact an increasing number conservative MPs are considering voting against the bill. If 28 tory MPs vote against it then its dead in the water.

an immigrant is one thing. others there who are not actually citizens is another. thats the problem here, there and across the western world

no. if anything was “cancelled” there wouldn’t have been a stabbing

thats the thing about rioting. it’s usually chaos

anti-hate laws dont stop riots. all they do is further limit your freedoms. the same silliness goes on here with our nitwitted left. they think limiting freedom limits hate. they use it as an excuse to impose more control. dont let them do this

because the way they try to minimize it doesnt work and only further limits your freedom. you cant fix hate with laws.

control your borders. be selective in immigration. maintain your wonderful culture


Immigration used to be spontaneous and only in few places, mostly to neighboring countries on small scale.
Also few organized mass import of Immigrants like to Canada and Australia until they got their required number of citizens needed to separate from the British crown.
Now there are just a few developped countries that refuse Immigrants enmass.
Those DON’T have problems that England, Sweeden and Germany are NOW crying about. They were promissed people would assimilate yet NOW all they got out of it is they inherited other countries problems.

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I mean. It’s not wrong.

If you import a certain part of the world’s trash don’t be surprised when it stinks up the place.


Bleeding hearts think they can import the world’s worst trash and make them not stink. To assimilate incompatible cultures.

But as anyone who owns property can relate too, you cannot make trash not stink. It always stinks. No matter what you do. You have to remove it. And you certainly don’t let other property owners come put their trash in your bin. That only makes it stink worse.


So completely logical and easy to understand. No wonder the left can’t comprehend it. :sweat_smile:

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What the heck is spontaneous immigration? You mean like after a war?

The migration from Syria etc was spontaneous. War started refugees started.

Most of the refugees went to neighboring countries. Some started making their way up into north into Western Europe. It’s nowhere near most or the majority of. The majority of immigrants stayed in Neighboring countries. Some tried and are still trying their luck in Europe

Europe is highly homogenous and highly racist. That’s why they had no trouble with Ukranian immigrants but are complaining about Syrian etc.

And abolslutely none of it has to do with one world order

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[quote=“FreeAndClear, post:40, topic:245966, full:true”]

What the heck is spontaneous immigration? You mean like after a war?

I was thinking about people who legaly come for economic reason to improve their lifes.
What we have NOW is invasion of illegals swarming in unchecked and unprocessed.

Bingo! I would clarify it though. The lib elites don’t give two ■■■■■ about these people or the negative impact that mass migration has on the citizens. They just see easy votes to buy.

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