Mark Cuban Will Lose

… his vast wealth if he hopes Biden and the libdemoncrats get a hold on this nation bec aoc and like minded rabid left wingers don’t think people should need or have millions and billions of dollars.
Cuban, Bush, Romney, etc., take heed for whom you may have hinted you might NOT vote for, bec if you like all your money, you can’t keep all your money.

What on earth are you talking about ?

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So, the reason I should vote for Trump is to keep Mark Cuban rich?

I really don’t think that Mark needs my help in that regard.


He was on Hannity tonight further expounding on his support for Biden. It was difficult to discern if he meant it in jest, while arguing how beneficial obamacare has been, even when shown proof how damaging it was when millions of people couldn’t keep their plans, their doctors, and had to pay much more, not much less, as obama promised.

They have so much money they can buy enough politicians to make sure that any laws which are crafted protect/exempt them.

We are allowing the creation of a new aristocracy based on huge amounts of amassed wealth rather than one where the select few are enabled to amass great wealth as long has existed in Europe based solely on the percentage of “Royal Blood” a given family or individual has.

And for that reason, I’m out.


I always argue that strident partisans are bound to argue each other’s points depending on who is in charge. No better exemplification of that than Trump’s harshest critic suddenly arguing against unbridled capitalism. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Mark Cuban’s opinion keeps reappearing in the media. I wish he would actually run for something state wide in Texas so people other than wealthy media types could express how they value his opinions.

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Does he need to run for office to express a view?

He’d rather just use his billions and celebrity status to manipulate the world without having to put out that kind of effort and with his money and fame someone will always be willing to stick a mike in his face give him a launch pad.

So why did Hannity give him air time? Why did Breibart radio give him air time?

Cons complain about the rich yet their heroes keep on giving them oxygen.

he’s in the shark tank often, but he never gets bit…

He sounded like a total idiot last night.

Is the media going to give as much time to your opinions as to his? …and why not?

Which media?

Earn more money, gain some popularity and get on with it!

For the same reason they give other people they don’t agree with necessarily airtime who are news makers.

Nobody here is bitching about “the rich”, we’re discussing specific individuals who are rich and how they attempt to use that money and position for power and to advance their power and influence.

Like Trump did.

Well no, Trump actually came out of the shadows and off of the sidelines and ran for office taking his message and vision directly to the people instead of using his money, power, and influence to buy politicians to do his will.

Sure he did. You just go along thinking that Trump did this out of the goodness of his heart. Everything Trump does is to benefit Trump and his mooching kids.