Mark Burnett told me that I don’t use the N Word

Umm what type of 7th dimensional thinking is this?!

He needs someone to call and confirm he’s never said that word?

I know I KNOW for a fact he has used it.

Probably “ninny” or “nincompoop”

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Omarosa said today that the copy of the tape will be released soon. Film at eleven.

If she has that tape… every bad thing I thought about her will he changed lol.

However some how I can see Trump supporters more worried about the “illegal” record than the fact that he used a racial slur.

We are watching a quarter of the United States electorate do a slow motion face plant right now.

I don’t believe that it exists until evidence shows that it does.

Until then it is like the Whitey Tape.


Even if it exists I feel like Newt from Aliens:

“It won’t make any difference.”


It’s 2018 and no one would be even a little bit shocked if there are tapes of our Commander in Chief using the n-word. That’s pretty damn sad.

I would not at all be shocked. But I would love to seem my close trump supporting friends response to it

Anticipate deflections to LBJ.

If such a tape exists and actually makes it out expect a parsing of words the likes of which we have never seen!

This is one of those cases where both the accuser and the accused have such credibility problems that it is difficult to know which one to believe without outside confirmation.


I totally believe that Mark Burnett made that phone call.

This really isn’t that difficult…put up the tape and prove it or shut up about the fake tape?

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? How do you know

And if she does and the tape shows trump calling black people the N word, will he lose your support?

No, not at all.

Uh oh. :rofl:


He didn’t have my respect when I voted for him. The truth is, he’s done more since being elected to earn my respect. If it turns out that he was using the “n” word, he’ll have lost any respect that he’s earned. As far as my “support”? I still want him to succeed politically but I also would understand if he chose to resign.

This is getting good.

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