Mariupol is a shaping up as a showdown between Azov and Putin

Mariupol is a strategic city on the coast of the Sea of Azov in eastern Ukraine. It is located between the Russian separatists and Crimea, and it has long been a headquarters for the Azov Battalion.

The leader of the Azov Battalion addressed the world in English last week from Mariupol. The video includes this note:

About the situation in Mariupol from the commander of the Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko “Redis”. He is in the city and defends it from the Russian occupiers. We ask the media to spread this video as much as possible!

Since then the battle has intensified. Here is drone video of damage to the city from March 14.

Both sides agree that there was an explosion at a theater housing civilians in Mariupol today, but each side claims the other side is responsible.

Are the occupation of Mariupol and the destruction of the Azov Battalion key objectives of the Russian forces?

Is Kyiv a diversion, at least for now?

I don’t think Ukraine is in position to care who is willing to fight to the last man in the streets for them.

Easiest prediction I have ever made.


If you can’t trust Russia Today International, who can you trust?

:rofl: :rofl:

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They just got banned in Canada.

Yes. They are neo-Nazis, but they are our neo-Nazis.

President Biden made combating neo-Nazis and allied groups the ultimate purpose of his campaign.
Trudeau used the presence of a Nazi flag at trucker rally as a pretext for invoking emergency powers.

Does it make sense to support these groups in Ukraine while working to destroy them in North America? Would the US and Canada tolerate Russia supporting similar groups in North America?


See from them I learned it was the Azov Battalion, not Russian shelling, that trapped civilians in Mariupol, not three cease-fires that never took hold.

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Yes, in a blow to protect freedom of speech . . .

Russia just had to bomb that theater full of children because NAZIs.

The math works out.


we sided with Stalin in WWII because we needed him.
Ukraine isn’t in a position to refuse Azov aid.

No the Nazis bombed it.

Reichstag Fire Part Deux.

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What is it about Russians and killing theaters full of people?

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I trust RT to tell the Russian side of the story.

My rule is that you can probably trust facts that are common to both the Ukrainian and Russian narratives. If the narratives disagree, then there is no easy way to say what is really going on.

It wasn’t the Spetnatz that pumped toxins into the Dubrovka Theater…it was Nazis from Ukraine.

It all makes sense…

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The Russian side of the story is complete ■■■■■

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RT won’t even call this a war.
its a special military operation.

My rule is that Russia Today folks have lied since RT’s inception, and there is zero reason for the Azov Battalion to blow up the theater.

I also know from way back when you got fooled by the MIT Professor’s shoddy math in the 2020 Election that you have a difficult time discerning when people aren’t telling the truth to you.


North Vietnam denied the US narratives about the Gulf of Tonkin. Decades later, declassified documents prove that the North Vietnamese narrative was closer to the truth.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the pretext for US participation in the Vietnam War.

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So that translates to the aggressor in all of this being right….


I know you of course won’t believe this, but the US didn’t lie about the second attack…they erroneously assumed it was a NV attack based on improper translations of intercepted communications.

Of course you will believe it was a lie…but like I said, you’ve already provided evidence you have a deficit of critical faculties to know when you’re being lied to when the lie tickles your ears.