Marine Lt Col that asked for accountability over Afghanistan thrown in the brig

What does that mean? I was at the mall?

The party will face a reckoning from the voters next year…if there isn’t wide spread cheating that is. :roll_eyes:

Jimmy Carter looks like a genius compared to these clowns.

Exactly what reckoning would that be?

We have heard this song and dance from you before….

Loss of the house and the senate. It may happen but they have predicting huge red wave every election.

Only those that were there are capable of knowing anything about it…That thinking kinda leaves historians out of a job doesn’t it?

So this guy is getting released. It’s weird that I’m the one providing the update.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that he isn’t politically useful to ya’ll (c) anymore.

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Why is it weird? Has he been released? When is he gonna be released? What are the conditions of his release? Not much to discuss but go ahead break your arm patting yourself on back for posting something first.

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This article has more details, including answers to some of your questions

Smart guy. They released him after he bashed Trump…

I have no real comment, came across an update.

And pleads out.

Hopefully they take into account his full record when meting out sentence.


And the judge did, 5,000 buck fine, and a letter of reprimand goes into his file.


Lol. Yep. You are correct. Once someone principled stands up to the plate. Crickets from the cons.


And under the plea deal he will be leaving the service. Not reaching retirement will cost him about $55,000 - $60,000 per year for the rest of his life.


Still a light sentence for disobeying a direct order. Discharge will probably be honorable.


Hope it was worth it to him…

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Pretty sure that while sitting in the Brig his lawyer explained what was about to happen and he had a What-The-Hell moment realizing what he had done and he had two chances of a not guilty verdict by other Marine officers: Slim and None and “Slim” left town.

Hence the plea deal.