Manufacturing and National Security

If the CV outbreak in China has an upside it should be a glaring warning to us all that we are way too dependent on foreign manufacturing especially manufacturing in China.

Will this be enough to convince democrats that it’s time to make restoring our manufacturing base a national priority to protect both our National and Economic Security?

How do you propose the government take these steps on private companies exactly? You want politicians to be in charge of a Capitalist enterprise. What’s your plan?

My plan would be to put together an Industry Task Force with representatives of the applicable departments, agencies and some congress critters to come up with a workable plan to bring particularly critical manufacturing interests back to the US or at least to N. America.

What are “critical manufacturing interests?” Are you suggesting a nationalized manufacturing industry? Government controlled?

When has that become an issue for democrats? I agree but not by the power of federal govt. Take away tax incentives to move overseas. Lots you can do but ordering companies back doesnt exactly pass the smell test. What have Republicans done to help out?

Where have I ever suggested nationalizing industry?

Critical industry? That would cover a lot of things particularly parts and components used in military equipment and vehicles.

Part of What the Task Force would do is establish what the critical needs are.

Read what I actually write and quit making things up.


It hasn’t been an issue for democrats for thirty years or so.

Yes restoring vital elements for national security, and then diversify manufacturing. What this does is keeps nations honest.

We use to do that with sub contractors. Get dependent on one they start jacking up their prices and then bam…your bids are too high.

But putting bid out to other bidders it keeps your subs honest.

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Where have the republicans pushed anything?

We can start by nationalization of the petroleum industry. It’s pretty vital to the economy and national security

Again, you seem incapable of recognizing an interrogative. Weird.

Such as?

Again, all I did was ask questions. It’s an interesting discussion. I was wondering what your position was before fully weighing in. As is custom in normal dialogue.

Learn what this symbol means “?” please!

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Spare me the BS…

Cost isn’t even my main concern, it’s the critical threat to both National and Economic security that bothers me but we’ve been discussing it for a long time.

I’m just wondering if this will be a wakeup call to the dem’s.

What happend to small govt, free market?

Did you miss the entire 2016 election cycle?

One of the primary planks in the RNC platform was returning manufacturing jobs to the US.

A hollow platform

Spare us the BS and feigned innocence.

Can the snark and the snottiness or go bother someone else.

Not just dems, repugs are just as guilty.

Just hope they learned their listen but I doubt it.

Decoupling of China will go long ways to diversification.


What is that even supposed to mean? He actually got some positive movement on bringing jobs back and at reducing the number that we were bleeding away.

Some certainly are but there have been quite a few trying.

We could have made a lot more headway if the SOTH hadn’t folded on us and proved to be a turncoat during Trump’s first two years.