Manchin says he regrets Clinton support, could back Trump in 2020

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said in an interview published Wednesday that he regrets backing Hillary Clinton in 2016, and hinted that he could back President Trump’s re-election in 2020 – as he looks to fend off a Republican challenger in November.

There is one major problem with this scenario. If every moderate DEM such as Manchin were to win their vulnerable seat, they could turn the Senate.

That would put radical LW Chuckie in charge of the agenda and would effectively shut out any moderate DEM from having any impact.

If it comes down to a choice between a moderate Republican or a Moderate DEM, the moderate Republican has to be the choice in order to keep Chuckie from being the majority leader.

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I don’t trust him to vote with Trump after elected, however it is good to see him poke the DNC and Shumer in the rhetorical eye.

He lost me when his daughter got the fake degree and then exploited the Epi Pen market.

He’s already made his bed…

I’ll take what is say anything to win the election Alex.

Sorry there’s no way to get the stain of Clinton’s loss off of you, Manchin.

It certainly reeks of desperation.

Lol. What a liar.

Polling data suggests that he should lie, so he lies. This is the face of the democrat party.

as opposed to the GOP which has a perpetual liar at the top…

I think Trump has upended Politics in ways unthinkable before. By keeping his Campaign promises he’s raised the bar. Manchin voted against tax cuts and other things Trump has done as a faithful Democrat, don’t think people will accept he’s changed.

Doesn’t stop Dems from claiming they’ll support his 2020 re-election.

if manchin really wants to keep his job, he should switch to the republican side of the room.

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Manchin, Like Schoen, Geraldo and Morris are all going to vote for Trump, the good ole JFK democrat days are over.

hinted that he could back President Trump’s re-election in 2020…

He said he considered pulling his endorsement…

pulling his endorsement for the DNC Candidate , if its another person like Clinton.

If Manchin were to run for president he would beat Trump! The problem is the left has gone way left.

A vote for him is a vote for Schumer. That’s all you need to know.

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The biggest liar at the top, of all time, was Obama. :+1:

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False by every known metric.

Reminds me of 2008 when vast numbers of Dem’s lied and pretended to be conservatives to get elected then voted lockstep with liberal Dem’s and Obama after the election.

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