Manchin: Never say I didn't tell you so

There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat

they are all leftists


Manchin is a politician. He represents a constituency, state financial reliance and has made a fortune built on coal, gas and oil. “Tweaks” equals “what’s in it for us”? Here in south Florida there’s electric cars, bikes scooters running around all over the place. How many are in WVA?

manchin is a democrat, just like every other democrat.

Not sure why W. VA keeps electing that leftist

once he signs off on this, they won’t do it again

It will be too late by then…


for all of us

For republicans, for dems it will be a red letter day.


certainly will, and that letter will be R

I can only imagine the political pressure being placed on those two Senators. Hopefully they’ll do as politicians do? Tell those around them (lib politicians) what they want to hear and then do what you’ve always intended to do…sane legislation.

1T in new taxes and 500B in green new deal isn’t sane.

I don’t disagree and my POV was that I still don’t think he’ll be on board.

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then why is he proposing it. it was dead and he’s bringing it back to life

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., told a group of climate activists and energy executives that he is open to supporting a new version of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, with some tweaks, according to a report.

When he voted against it, he said that maybe with revisions, he could vote for it? I don’t think and hope he won’t.

The Build Back Broke bill would fuel inflation to ridiculous heights.

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manchin wants a smaller bill. only 1 trillion in new taxes and 500 billion for green ■■■■■

American politics is cyclical. The midterms not looking good for dems.

My rep is on the ropes. We in Dover have been redistricted into a safe dem district.

Right now the mo is on the side of the Rs.


Which will lead to a dramatic jump in already out of control inflation.


He was never really against BBB just the amount of ■■■■■■■■ that was in it. He said numerous times cut the crap out of it and he would be fine with it.

What he is doing here is no surprise.

wasn’t to me. i made the thread for all the blind ones who believed manchin was a moderate who should join the r’s. he’s not a moderate, and we definitely do not want him.

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