I just want to thank Sen. Joe Manchin

because that was the plan all along, and i told you all it was the plan all along way back when

According to the link those didn’t make it:

Several party priorities, however, were left behind in the deal reported this week, including investments in affordable childcare, pre-school and elder care, and the extension of a monthly child tax credit

Hopefully that’s the case as the so-called “affordable childcare” would have been a disaster for taxpayers in local communities.

Logically shouldn’t that have been a function of Medicare since its inception?

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the thinking of those who’ve opposed it has always been that those who regulate should not be in a position to negotiate pricing, its a recipe for massive fraud and corruption.

The total amount of spending here seems to much smaller?

Here’s the projection regarding the deficit:

The only good news is that this assures a ruined economy for the election season.

How so?

The impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

We need to put a stop to this.


Since when does Medicare pay for prescription drugs? Maybe when you’re hospitalized. You have to purchase a supplemental plan to cover prescription drugs. Has anyone perhaps suggested or in this bill providing Medicare recipients a supplemental plan for Rx? I’d be interested in that. One of my prescriptions is $300.00 for a 45 day supply and there are no generic ChiCom made substitutes.

I take back my praise a while back when i thought Manchin was saving us from even worse inflation by blocking some of the more extravagant wasteful spending.

Appears now he was just holding out till he got what he wanted imo.


It’s called “the swamp” for good reason.


Amen to that!

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i’d say i told you so… but you know it already.

there are no moderate democrats, just frauds who pose for the people back home. there is no way in hell manchin was not always going to support this when he thought the time was right. Sinema is next… manchin needs the cover.


I was hoping he would hold the line until we take the House and Senate but that hope vanished in a poof of smoke

any conservative that votes for any democrat thinking “this one is okay” has lost their mind.


Called it. He’s not actually against any of this stuff, he just holds out until he gets his version.

Oh i never vote democratic. I was just Hoping Manchin might hold the line till mid terms.

was never going to happen. He held out just long enough to allow other democrats to go to the polls with something in their pocket while play acting for the folks back home. This was the plan all along. Reports are he was on the phone with Sinema a couple days ago begging her for cover. She’ll fold next week.