Man Training Kids to Commit School Shootings?

Well now, this is an interesting turn of events.

Not interesting very disturbing that folks like this have access to guns.

Access to guns? Why are we even allowing people like this into the country?

It’s interesting to me.

I believe he is American.

Why do you believe that?

If his father is who they say he is then he is American.

I said people like him. Are we not allowing radical muslims into the country anymore? How many did we pick up just with the Syrian refugees?

Are they some how worse then other extremists with access to guns?

You mean the ones who don’t also randomly explode? Let me think.

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Now this :

is interesting…

How do you know that?

Ah cool. Even more interesting now.

Well he did just quote wikipedia. :laughing:

How many others are building training camps to teach kids to do school shootings?

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Hopefully not many.

Not that I can find anything on it now but there was video awhile back of terrorist training camps where they were being trained to go door to door within civilian populations.

Both words apply. It’s interesting because it’s so disturbing.

Yes, particularly since most of them who have been working with AQINA or ISIS will have had some very good explosive training.

You see someone a hundred yards away rushing into your kids school while wearing a suicide vest.

How will you stop him?