Man arrested after shouting ‘womp, womp’ and pulling a gun on immigration

Unhinged Trumpers at their finest

“Womp womp” becomes a rallying cry and the “party of family values” admits that they never truly valued families.

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Unhinged! Unhinged!

It’s nice that trumpletons are going to start using “Womp Womp” against people praying for other people. It’s so civil. ND pulling out the gun, well,who doesn’t need a good guy with a gun screaming. “ICE ICE BABY!” while other people are trying to pray. MAGAt!!

It’s all downhill from here.

I love how the old man raced after the ignorant idiot with the gun, prepared to give him the ass beating that he deserved. I bet he was a bit disappointed that the police arrived when they did, as I could see that old guy taking the Trumpkin by his long hair and pounding his head against the curb a few times as he delivered his own. “Womp womp? How’s this for WOMP WOMP, you ignorant son of a bitch!”

Anyway, it’s clear that Trumpkins are triggered and unhinged. It’s all going to end in an ugly way for them and they are getting desperate.

Yes, it’s great someone chased this idiot down. Had he been shot, we could have used it against those evil trumpkins. If he was able to beat this idiot down, so what, violence is perfectly acceptable when it’s done in support of what I believe.

Yeah, all downhill from here.

Another dumpster fire of a human being poisoned by years of CEC hate speech.

“Womp, womp” indeed.

Sure. Womp womp is the new rallying cry of the Republican party. Good find. McConnell will be saying that any day.

And that clown must have really appeared to pose a threat if he was chased across the park. They were really scared of him.

Bring a gun to a protest, brandish said gun, and get your ass kicked by an elderly man?

Seems okay in my book. Then turn him over to the police. Hopefully he does 5 or 10 years of time. Give him time to reflect on how far astray he was led by the CEC.

I have no problem with law enforcement dealing with this clown and sticking him in a cage for a few years. I do have a problem with supporting vigilante justice because we think he deserves an ass kicking.

And let’s drop the facade that these rhetoric inspired morons are an anomaly of one side. It wasn’t long ago liberal rhetoric inspired some clown to shoot up a Republican baseball game.

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First of all, I was assured by righties that liberals are terrified of guns. If not terrified to simply be in their presence, I have it on strong rightie authority that a liberal could never fire one without having a heart attack. I’ve been assured over and over that guns are the righties domain and the righties alone.

Anyway, what “liberal rhetoric” inspired the attack? Please be specific and provide sources.



I have no doubt you been assured such by righties, just as I’ve been assured violence isn’t a valid recourse in such situations by many a lefty…clearly that ideal is subject to practical terms. As for the rhetoric that inspired the other clown, it’s the same rhetoric that inspired this moron…just from the other side.

A religious prayer led in a public park? I’m surprised the libs didn’t call the aclu to break this up.

And someone should check the party registration of the gun-wielding idiot.

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Really? That’s what you’re going with. He wasn’t that scary?

If the perp had been a black guy and was killed, we’d be having a 2000-post thread on why he deserved it.


Disappointed you won’t get to pad your post count?

One. One unhinged whatever he is.

That is one stupid post.

You know it’s true.