Make no mistake -- it is an invasion

I wouldn’t call it an invasion, because it isn’t. Even the title of the link you posted doesn’t use the word invasion.



noun: invasion; plural noun: invasions

an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.
“the Allied invasion of Normandy”

synonyms: occupation, capture, seizure, annexation, annexing, takeover;

Your own article states that all they were carrying were flags and umbrellas.

Are we being conquered?

And yet… voting stats show how wrong you guys are

Dems have a problem with Hispanic votes. Most people don’t know that because dems don’t want to talk about it and GOP can’t call this a political stunt voter getting invasion

people intent on becoming part of a new superior culture and nationality dont march to their destination country proudly waving flags of their disaster drug lord homelands

do you have to be conquered to be invaded?

this has nothing to do with native americans



would now be a good time for Thoughts and Prayers?

Are you scared?

Not an invasion.

No. It would be called a burglary or breaking and entering. In order for it to be a home invasion, a person would have to be armed with intent on committing a crime against the person who is lawfully there. These migrants are only armed with flags and umbrellas to protect them from the sun. Like I said, good ole republican fear mongering.

home invasion noun

Legal Definition of home invasion

: the crime of entering a dwelling and committing or with intent to commit a crime (as assault) while armed and while another is lawfully present

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We are not discussing what happened in the 14 though 1800’s

ok well theres no need to attack any poster in the first place

if you cant respond with anything other than “dumb post” then you had no supportable position to begin with

My book you don’t have to be armed to invade, and I used what is described in the article to show it is an invasion.

are you ready to uphold the law?

You sound scared…

Obviously your book and reality are two different things…

reinstate the draft

scared to answer the question i see


Everybody loves the classics.

Orcinus: 'Invasion': Repeating history

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